Thursday, March 14, 2013

Add one part Maxim Jakubowski and one part Sommer Marsden...shake and serve

Possibly the most interesting interview outcome ever. I was interviewed by E.A. Aymar, Maxim Jakubowski was interviewed by E.A. Aymar and then we were smooshed together and voila! Here you go: Interview Sommer Marsden and Maxim Jakubowski About Erotica.

About the interviewer, E.A. Aymar, I "met" him while ago. We talked online, is what I mean. And when I say 'a while' it feels like days. But I think it's actually been years! Anyway, his book Goodbye, Beautiful is coming out soon and I for one am dying to read it. E.A.'s short work is something to pay attention to. I can't wait to see what he can do with a whole book full of words.

Check out the interview and then check out Mr. Aymar. Okay, you can go. I think I'm done ordering you around now ;)


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