Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Woke to a new release! Like magic! My new erotic romance novella Inventing Herself is out now as a single. This summer it will be part of an Xcite Secret Library release Finding Herself. Which is the title for this novella in that book. Ya know, alternate titles and all that jazz...just making sure to keep you on your toes. Keeping things interesting! ;)

Here are the deets:

Sophie Calhoun has a good job writing for a hot women’s magazine. Her latest assignment is to do an article about how a strong, confident woman can look deeper into herself to find her centre. The only problem is Sophie feels lost. On a whim one morning, looking for the answers to her unwritten article and the silent turmoil in her heart, she takes a hike. In the wilderness she finds a very large man sitting alone, calm and still and smiling – everything Sophie wants to be. When he opens his eyes and that smile is directed at her, Sophie begins to find herself…

Inventing Herself US
Inventing Herself UK

Happy wet and rainy Tuesday. Is it over yet? Om...


Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To my grandmother!

Gosh, I miss her. She was one of my very best friends in the whole world. We shared love of lots of things but books were number one. She was the one who taught me to stop reading books that weren't working for me. "Life is too damn short to read a book you don't like!"

We (Ma and self) used to go every year to the hospice where she passed and sit on the rooftop garden. We'd watch the hawks over Loch Raven reservoir and sit and talk about her. Just a short conversation about her could make us laugh. You've heard people described as 'a character' in your travels, I'm sure. Well, Ilene was a character.

Anyway, at the ten year mark (she'll be gone 11 years this July) we changed it up. I suggested we go out on the day of her birth instead and celebrate that she'd been here and was such a huge part of our lives.

So today is out to lunch day with my Ma. We'll eat, we'll drink and we'll talk about her. She loved big, talked loud and carried a big stick. It's called a cane and she wouldn't hesitate to 'tap' (read whack) you with it if you either stepped out of line or tickled her funnybone. So you never knew when she'd be swinging that thing. Ouch >.<


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hey...it starts with a kiss! NSFW Sunday Snog

My Sunday Snog starts with a kiss and then becomes highly NSFW so be warned. This bit of smoking hot prose brought to you by the letter B for Boys Next Door.



He slid into me on one of those moments where you both go still. Where it all boils down to heartbeats and fast breathing. Then I yanked him by that dark unruly hair and smiled when he said ‘fuck’. When I kissed him, I poured all my arousal into it and wrapped my legs tight around his waist.

Deke slowed down, pulling back to watch my face. To shake his head and give me a half-smile when I said, ‘Faster. Please.’

And he said, ‘No. It was fast last time. Not now.’

My insides roiled at the control in his voice – in his authority. He had shifted some. Becoming a bit more self-assured and serious than the man who’d just been teasing me. I pulled him with my legs and he stilled.

‘Are you going to behave, Farrell?’

The absence of friction had me on the brink of insanity. My pussy was tender and swollen, my labia singing with blood. I needed him to move. Immediately.

‘I will. I will behave,’ I stammered. I would have promised him anything at all in that moment.

Somehow the tables had turned from me calling the shots to me begging him. Tingling excitement surged along my skin, driving my flesh to rise up in goose bumps.

‘Put your arms up for me, sweetheart.’ He buried his face in my hair and inhaled deeply.But I didn’t come.

I put my hands up suddenly like I was under arrest. Had I been in a more humorous mood, I’d have laughed at myself. But I was desperate. Desperate for him to tip me past my line so I could have an orgasm. So I could come with him deep inside of me. So I could feel my body eagerly lapping at his. So I could maybe, hopefully, wonderfully, push him past his limit and he’d come too.

Deke smiled at me and clamped his large hands down on my wrists. Manacling them with his own flesh to the back of the sofa. Scrolled wood, vintage fabric – how many memories were trapped in this piece of furniture?

And now I was adding my own. My first fuck in my new house. A hell of a house-warming.

He began a hypnotising rhythm of withdrawing – almost all the way – before plunging back in. When he backed off, the tip of him rubbed along the slick ring of my opening. When he plunged deep the friction made me shimmy under him – locked in my own needful dance.

I pulled at him with my legs, locking my ankles to try and make him do my bidding. He laughed at me.
‘I’m stronger than you,’ he whispered, locking his hips to that I couldn’t force him forward no matter how much I tried.

I tugged again, my legs shaking with the effort, my cunt fraught with need. Deke stayed still.

When I loosened my locked legs, he did that back and forth thing with his hips that made me whimper. When I dropped my legs down and splayed them wider for him, he thrust deep. When I sighed aloud, relaxing completely under him, his hands clamped a bit tighter on my wrists; prompting a rush of arousal so strong it stole my breath. And then he started to fuck me in earnest.

It was when I truly surrendered to him, that he gave me what I needed.

Friday, April 26, 2013

If this is true...I'm screwed.

I saw this today on Writer's Write on Facebook. I read it while mainlining coffee and thought damn...if this is true...I'm screwed. Pay attention to # 3. Yeah, that skill...I do not possess the ability to go "from point to point in an orderly sequence." And I certainly do not really manage an A to Z approach.

The way I tend to operate is in an A and Z approach. I usually know what happens in A (the beginning) and Z (the end). Um...mostly. I often even know other letters. And some of the letters I'm sure I know but when I get closer to them, yeah, it seems I am WRONG and am simply waiting for the characters to TELL me what's going to happen.

Here's my A-Z chart:

Please don't pay attention to the fact that this chart looks like a murder scene. I watched Hannibal last night and I do write a lot of zombies. So I think it's subconscious.

Anyhoo, the point is, if you do not operate under Asimov's Clear Thought Rule...do not despair. I have many books out in my name and I wrote every single one of them using notes that looked like coked up chicken wrote them and a mental A-Z chart that looks like that.

Everyone's different. Everyone's special. Kumbaya and all that jazz. Happy Friday!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

*cattle prod* *whip* *git along little review!*

I was joking this morning that I needed someone standing behind me with a whip to make me write the bits of my current novel that synch up with the notes I took last night. Then I was joking that if I changed the bio I'm working on for Sourcbooks just one more time someone needs to zap me with a cattle prod. So...I think that a good old cowboy round up seems to be the theme of the day!

Below are some recent reviews for some of my humble little books. Feel free to skip today's blog if reviews aren't your thing. But I must show them off. They are pretty nifty. *whip crack*

Boys Next Door (M/F/M/M I think that's basically the order. Heh ;) )

On Amazon US: "This has become one of my favorite books. The author provides realistic characters, in a charming backdrop and weaves a story that is believable and enticing...I love that the characters are down to earth and do normal things for a living because not everyone is a billionaire, and perfect, and that makes this story relatable. As I read the characters became three-dimensional and I did not want the story to end." 5 Stars Prime Reader

On Amazon UK: "Right from page one, this book is steaming. Three fit blokes as neighbours, even the postman is a hottie. Farrell, what a gal. Not for the prudish. Enjoy the ride!" 5 stars Joannie

And for Lion Hearted (M/M) Book 1 of the Divination Falls Trilogy:

5 Flaming Hearts from Hearts on Fire Reviews "It was a suspenseful, romantic and very enjoyable read. The book has some steamy sex scenes and quite a few funny moments. I have to say that Luke was funniest of all characters in this book. I just love him and I hope that author writes more books in this series."

And that's that for today! :)


photo credit: [D]izkography via photopin cc

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

20 Questions With Annabel Joseph: "I HATE COOKING."

I'm late! Sorry 0.0 I woke up at 4 a.m. and it's been all down hill from there. But onward and upward!

Today we have 20 Questions with Annabel Joseph, a writer who's new to me. She answered my 20 Questions call and here she is! Ahem...you just might not want to ask her about cooking. She has pretty strong feelings about it ;)



       Favorite YA book?
Don’t read YA.

       It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…
Jasmine rice and grilled asparagus.

       Football or baseball?
Football. Actually, anything but baseball.

       Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating!
Story by Robert McKee, Roget’s Thesaurus, Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, Flannery by Brad Gooch, and Ask the Pilot by Patrick Smith. I don’t keep many paper books because of my allergies, so if it’s on my shelf, it’s earned that place!

       Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout?
Eat in. I usually just put stuff from three or four food groups on my plate and eat it. I hate cooking.

       Favorite meal to cook?

       Favorite TV show when you were a kid?
The Addams Family

       Favorite TV show now?
Girls on HBO

       Best teacher you ever had…
Ms. Shaffer in 7th grade.

   What did they teach you?
She was the first teacher to encourage me as a writer. We kept journals and she put the most wonderful notes inside about what we’d written. It helped me realize the power of an author to move or inspire a reader.

   Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about.
I ran up the stairs whenever it was dark because I thought the devil would grab my heels.

   Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about.
I downloaded both the regular and acoustic versions of Justin Bieber’s U Smile.

   What one clothing item can you not live without?
My pink fleece sleep pants.

   Zombies, vampires or werewolves?
Vampires are sexiest to me.

   Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to?
I desperately want to write a ménage. I’m waiting for the story to come to me.

   Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t?
Vincent in Owning Wednesday was based on a friend who betrayed me terribly. I wish I hadn’t used him for inspiration for that character, because now whenever I read that book I think of him.

   Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down?
I skim through to the end to see if it improves. (It almost never does.)

   Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all?
I pass. It’s hard for me to be mean…and I feel mean when I criticize someone’s book because it probably meant a lot to them.

   Do you read reviews of your work?
Once in a blue moon. It’s really hard for me.

   Red wine or white wine?
I am terribly allergic to sulfites, so no wine.

Annabel Joseph specializes in the romance of dominance and submission. Visit her site: http://annabeljoseph.wordpress.com/books/

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The beautiful something of doing nothing...

99/365: Relax

I think I've actually used this pic before, so that tells you something. This is sorta my view of doing nothing. :)

The internet and my drive to become the writer I've always wanted to be have ganged up on me and turned me into a type A personality. I was always a bit of a perfectionist, but I knew how to unplug, decompress and I actually did know how to do nothing. Lie on a bed or in a lawn chair and stare off into space. Listen to the sounds around me. Think. Or not. Let my mind wander.

I've lost this skill. I always feel like I need to be *doing* something. If I'm not *doing* something, I am clearly wasting time! I am clearly slacking off! What the fuck is wrong with me that I am just sitting here not *doing* anything. [insert hysterical panic and Bride of Frankenstein hair here].

That's bullshit.

Let me say that again. That. Is. Bullshit.

What I forget so easily in my 24/7 drive to work/be/work/do/work/attain/work/achieve/workworkwork is that the staring off into space, just being, doing nothing is where this fertile mind got its start. So I'm going to try and go back and re cultivate my nothing abilities.

Does that mean I'll be MIA as I've done in the past? Nope. That never works. And truth be told, it turns me more bonkers than I am. It just means I will be consciously doing other or fuck forbid NOTHING more often than I used to. Going outside to sit in the sun. Walking. I've even pulled out my old computer to work on sometimes that does not connect to the internet.


It. Does. Not. Connect. To the. Internet. *faint*

My point is, I find that when I actually achieve the Zen that is nothing doing and step back from the constant update, instant gratification, always checking everything mindset of the online world I find I feel more creative and my creativity is fresher.

This really isn't a blog to announce anything. More it's a blog to say I've missed this beautiful nothing doing. And I wonder...are you getting enough nothingness in your life? Do you struggle? What are your secrets? No really. Tell me...don't make me Google it ;)


Sunday, April 21, 2013

An electric little kiss for Sunday Snog

From Beast in Me. One of my favorite scenes in the book, actually!

A gust of wind licked along Trace’s dark hair. For an instant that chocolate brown hair covered his eyes but then the wind changed direction and blew it back off his face. His face was handsome and secretive and somewhat sober. In Cameron’s heart of hearts, he wished the man would kiss him. Fuck the lightning.
‘You might want to step back,’ he said again.
‘And again, I’ll ask you why?’ Trace grinned and captured Cam’s other wrist. He tugged him in with one hard motion and they were suddenly crushed together. Cock to cock, belly to belly, chest to chest.
Cameron felt lightheaded with his sudden need. But fear overwhelmed him and he opened his mouth to warn the wolf off. Trace took it for an invitation and moved in to kiss him. His tongue was hot and sweet and tasted of coffee as it swept over Cameron’s. Cameron felt the finer bones in his wrist grind, felt his knees go saggy, felt his cock swell with expectation. His heart was a runaway force in his chest and he thought he might pass out, which was fine as long as this man kept kissing him. He had contact. He was being kissed. Skin was touching his skin and if all was right in the world, time would freeze and he could get laid.
The kiss was a little messy, clutching and desperate, and Cameron felt utterly out of his element, but he didn’t care. When the wolf released his wrists, he held onto Trace’s biceps and took every wet thrust of the wolf’s tongue. He smelled so fucking good, sunshine and the smell of the forest mixed with cinnamon and campfire. He’d always wondered what a werewolf smelled like.
He never imagined one smelled like this man.
A tingling licked at his heels and he tried to break free, but Trace walked him back so his back hit a large oak
trunk. The bark bit at his exposed neck and elbows, but my God, the thrill of the roughness shot through him as fast and intense as Brother Lightning. Lust and eagerness streaked around inside him and the feel of this man – this animal – rubbing his cock against Cameron’s own had Cam feeling dizzy. But blissed out too; he could not remember the last time he’d felt so happy.
‘Aren’t you afraid?’ Trace asked, breaking the kiss just long enough to lick a hot line down Cam’s neck. It made him shiver. It made him desperate for more.
‘You should be. There’s a beast in me, electric boy,’ the wolf said, grinning broadly.
Cameron could see the danger there. The animal that lurked inside the man. He should have felt afraid, but he just felt drawn. He touched Trace a bit more gently than intended and he watched the man’s look shift again. Open and playful to guarded and shut down.
Cam made a bold move. He moved his hand, shaking as it was, down between their bodies and found the long, hard ridge of Trace’s cock. And he squeezed. Those amazing eyes went feral again, animal shine lighting up Trace’s gaze. ‘I have a beast in me too,’ Cameron said.
The wolf leered, shoved his body roughly against Cam’s and moved in to take his mouth again. He felt dizzy, like the earth was moving.
Trace growled at him, ‘Not yet, you don’t, but if you keep touching me like that you wi –’
That’s when the bolt hit them.

For more Sunday Snogs go HERE. To grab a copy of Beast in Me go to Amazon US or Amazon UK. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Today is one of those days...

That once upon a time would have unhinged me. I suffered from crippling anxiety for years. I was in a long bout of it during 9/11 and remember being stunned and kind of zoned out with massive delayed reactions.

I'll quickly say about 85% of my anxiety (that doctors tried so desperately to throw drugs at for years, though I refused) disappeared when I went gluten free. I will also say that I still have a heavy streak of the anxious kind. However, then and now, something that always helped me during tragic and terrifying events was to hunt down a string of words almost like a mantra, to help me breathe. I always have been a quote hunter. I think it's my English Major genes shining through.

Given what's going on today, I thought this was particularly fitting. It brought me a deep breath and a moment of peace. And it doesn't hurt that it's one of the man's heroes. I'll get points for that, I bet.

This seems so very fitting today. It makes me think of all the people running toward the panic. All the ones who say "I'm here to help". May they all stay safe and keep the innocent safe in the process. May this madness end quickly.:

“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.
But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now
mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stupid things you think of…

I’m 41. Most of you know this. My point is, that the older I get, the hotter I get. Don’t think I mean fabulous, sexy and hot as in wowza (the man might think so, though). No, I mean hot as in turn the God damned AC on.

Yesterday it was only about 75 degrees but after a walk with the dog I was walking around in a sleeveless top. Once upon a time I’d have been chilly. Not anymore.

What it makes me remember is how chilly I always was growing up. I never did well with extreme heat, it made me sick, but for the most part I was always that girl who was cold. Socks the minute fall even thought about setting in. Sweaters, jeans, big ass sweats. I once walked to work in the dead of summer in a one piece jump suit from Spiegal.

I got your attention didn’t I? Yes…a one piece LONG SLEEVED jump suit. And here’s the punchline. It was green. Not pine green or seafoam green. Nope. It was this color green~~~~~>

And that’s exactly what I looked like too. I looked like Gumby. Tall and thin in my Gumby green jumpsuit.

I remembered this fashion atrocity yesterday while running around town in a sleeveless tee while some folks were still wearing sweaters. I wondered what I’d look like now if someone put me in a green jumpsuit in the middle of summer.

I know the answer. I’d look like the person you’d stumble across right before frantically dialing 9-1-1 on  your phone.

“Hello? Please send help! Gumby has melted.”

What’s the point of this blog? No idea. Just a memory of a bad fashion faux pas and a nostalgic look back at the girl who used to always be chilly. As you can imagine, not looking forward to summer. However, I can guarantee there will be nary a green jumpsuit to be found.

p.s. I must note that I originally typed: while some folks were still wearing feathers...No, I don't know what I'm smoking and no, you can't have any.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

20 Questions with Kathleen Bradean: "life is too short to read books I don't enjoy..."

Author's Note: I'm about to go repost this all over the place because somehow this morning I posted this without an introduction. Which you know, if you are a regular reader here, is unheard of. I apologize for that. I blame a most craptacular day yesterday that left me sort of stunned. I was very pleased I remembered to post at all.

But no excuse!! And just now in the shower I realized my boo boo. So let me say that if you read erotic fiction, if you read anthologies...you've probably come across one or two or a baker's dozen of Kathleen Bradean's stories. And she's a part of The Erotica Readers and Writers Association aka the erotic writer's best friend! At least in my opinion it is. You can check out some of her ERWA stuff HERE. That being said, go forth and read my 20 Questions. And ask Kathleen about that chemistry set. Inquiring minds want to know...

1.       Favorite YA book? 
Harry Potter
2.       It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…   
3.       Football or baseball?  
Real football, AKA soccer
4.       Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating!  Which bookshelf?  There are three behind me and two in front of me.  I'll take the first one on the left.  Chemickal Marriage by Gordon Dahlquist, Purgatory by Jeff Mann, Wind up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, Johannes Cabal and the Fear Institute by Johnathan Howard, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 11.
5.       Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout?
eat in
6.       Favorite meal to cook?
Italian cuisine
7.       Favorite TV show when you were a kid?
Wild, Wild West
8.       Favorite TV show now?
Sherlock (BBC) although Doctor Who is a close second
9.       Best teacher you ever had… 
Mr Seewer. Also the toughest teacher I ever had.
10.   What did they teach you?
History and English, but what he really taught me was that it was okay to be smart.
11.   Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about.  
When I was three or four, I dissected a doll to see what made her talk when you pull the string. That's the last (and I think only) doll my mother ever gave me.   
12.   Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about. 
I bought myself a chemistry set because I asked for one every Christmas when I was younger but my parents never let me have one. (Following the doll incident, one can hardly blame them.) 
13.   What one clothing item can you not live without?
Scarves. I have too many.
14.   Zombies, vampires or werewolves?
Vampires, I guess.
15.   Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to? 
Monsters for the age of tech.
16.   Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t?
17.   Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down? 
 If I'm reviewing it, I'll finish it, but life is too short to read books I don't enjoy.
18.   Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all? 
I wish I could pass because I hate making writers feel bad, but I review them because we promise to be honest.
19.   Do you read reviews of your work?
20.   Red wine or white wine? 

Award winning author Kathleen Bradean’s stories can be found in Carnal Machines, The Harder She Comes, Best of Best Women’s Erotica I and II, Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades, The Sweetest Kiss: Vampire Tales, and many other anthologies. She blogs for The Erotica Readers and Writer's Association and her personal blog kathleenbradean.blogspot.com, and reviews erotica at EroticaRevealed.Com.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I love when I go searching...

And the Universe offers up to me (on a silver platter it almost seems) the exact image I need for inspiration. I won't tell you what I'm working on or what I see in this. I love this image. You might need to see it/interpret it/feel it in an entirely different way.

photo credit: admitchell08 via photopin cc

Monday, April 15, 2013


Just wrapped up a story this morning for a call. Haven't written anything that...punishy in a while. Here's a peek inside my head.

What's in your head today?

photo credit: bark via photopin cc

Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm doing 'em! I got some fan-fucking-tastic news today that made me so happy. I will share details as soon as I'm able. But for now I'll say, I was soooooo worried and now am not worried anymore. I'm now soooooo happy! And yes, of course it is a book. A book I love very much was accepted. A book I obsessed over. Woo and hoo!

Like I said, I'm doing cartwheels. But only in my head. Never in my life have I completed a successful cartwheel. Never! Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm tall and I'm afraid of heights. Do the math: that means no cartwheels. Heh.

photo credit: HckySo via photopin cc

It's Friday!

Gay Pride 2000 - where are they now?

Fist pump! And I finished my two pieces I wanted to complete today which pretty much means I can do whatever I want with the rest of the day. Double fist pump! The weather went from 97 and miserable Wednesday to 51 and chilly today. And I breathed a sigh of blessed relief (not a heat person, ya know?). Triple fist pump!

Hope you have something fist pump worthy planned for this weekend.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

"I did not hate our leading lady, which you know for me is a big deal..."

Rarely do reviews make me super happy. There's usually too much anxiety involved. Deadlines, word counts, royalties, payment quarters, edits and blurbs: I've gotten used to all of them in the writing game. Not so much for reviews. They sometimes please me, they sometimes make me weep (true fact), but they rarely make me laugh out loud and even clap. But the review for Boys Next Door from So You Think You Can Write did just that!

Check it out. The review and all the amazing photographic antics involved!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20 Questions With Angell Brooks: " A lot more action, and tighter pants..."

Good morning, lovelies :) Today's 20 Questions is with Angell Brooks. Or as the man calls her (as do many others) Miz Angell. As in: "Did Miz Angell comment on that blog you posted?" Even he knows she's super supportive and always around for writers (and others) in the erotica community. So time to find out some more about her, her likes and her writing...


1.       Favorite YA book? 
Remember Me by Christopher Pike. And, as a guilty pleasure, anything by Gordan Korman from my childhood.

2.       It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…Quinoa salad with veggie stir fry and edamame

3.       Football or baseball?
Football for sure. A lot more action, and tighter pants.

4.       Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating!
(It's my sexy bookshelf :P) Ok - Alison's Wonderland (Alison Tyler), Zombie Exterminators (Sommer Marsden), Melt With You (Alison Tyler), A Little Night Music (Sarah Dale), and Sex Dreams and Symbols (Dr Pam Spurr). And no I'm not kissing up. LOL.

5.       Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout?
Takeout. That's how my ass got to be this big.

6.       Favorite meal to cook?
Chicken fingers (baked not fried). Believe me when I tell you that they're awesome cold the next day.

7.       Favorite TV show when you were a kid?
Ummm...wow - this one is tricky. As a little kid, The Great Space Coaster. As I got older, Silver Spoons. And I've been a WWF (now WWE) fan since I was eight.

8.       Favorite TV show now?
Would have to say that I never miss an episode of The Vampire Diaries - or Supernatural. Sorry, couldn't choose just one.

9.       Best teacher you ever had…
Terry Bland - grade eleven media

10.   What did they teach you?
How to look beyond what the media is shoving in our faces. How to read deeper into a story, and look beyond the shadows to find the truth in everything.

11.   Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about.
Pushed my mother against a wall. Definitely one of the worst moments of my life.

12.   Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about.
I'd like to say something wonderfully original and fantastic, but the truth is that I've done nothing ... so far.

13.   What one clothing item can you not live without?
Styx hoodie

14.   Zombies, vampires or werewolves?
Used to be vampires, but there's been some great arguments in favour of the werewolf camp. So kind of torn right now.

15.   Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to?
My father and every lesson and bit of wisdom he left behind.

16.   Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t?
Yes, I wrote some things that hurt people that I love very much. Even though they were fiction, they were taken for reality.

17.   Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down?
I used to make myself finish books, but now I just put it down. Time is too short and there are so many amazing books out there to waste time on crap.

18.   Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all?
If I read something that's terrible, if I can find something that's positive about it, then I'll review it. I won't give it five stars or praise what's not there. But everyone needs positive affirmations in their lives. Someone created that. And to completely discourage someone's creativity is a sin. (Sorry - bit of a babble)

19.   Do you read reviews of your work?
It's not that often that I get reviewed, and since I've only been published in anthologies, I'll take what I can get. LOL. Yes I read them, and I'm grateful for every one of them.

20.   Red wine or white wine?
White. Red gives me headaches, as unfortunate as that is.

Once told that ‘Life is too short to live in beige.’ Angell Brooks lives in technicolour dreams as often as possible. Translating that into naughty tales to titillate and tease is a challenge she gladly accepts on a daily basis. When the voices in her head decide to give her a break, she sees her city as an adventure to be taken – the live music, the theatres, the clubs and pubs and interesting people all around. There is never a dull moment, and she embraces it with truth and love. Find her in anthologies by Cleis, Harlequin and December Ink Press.

Twitter: @angellz