Friday, May 31, 2013

"In the beginning, I wanted to hate this story."

Gotta love a review that starts like that but ends with 5 *stars. :) Siren Book Reviews also had this to say:

Together they collide in a flurry of hot, mesmerizing dirty sex with BDSM aspects and kinky spanking.  Luna submits beautifully to this engaging man who needs to find peace while his world is continually crumbling.

Love, love, love! To read the full review from Siren Book Reviews go HERE. Really pleased to see a review for Angry Sex. It's a book that I adore but I don't feel I gave it enough attention when it was released. So I'm dusting it off, buffing it a little and putting it up here.

Happy Friday.


Luna Watkins can’t remember feeling so stressed. Her teenage son Nick’s health issues are reemerging and her ex Ben wants to help but is just making ends meet with odd jobs. Her catering business is thriving but too hectic for her to handle, at least that’s what it feels like. Not to mention since she’s been divorced, she hasn’t dated much and has had sex even less. When Nick decides to visit his grandparents for the summer, Luna is devastated. And yet, she sees a chance to work through her anger and her angst. Maybe some time to feed her body, mind and soul knowing he’s well taken care of. Enter Adam Singleton, her new, last minute server. Handsome, gruff Adam who’s working through his own anger. Flirting turns to sparring. Sparring turns to angry sex—like therapy but naked. As time goes by and Luna and Adam become even more entangled, with their hardships and each other, the question becomes, does angry sex turn to more anger…or peace?

For an excerpt go HERE.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paper Pages and a Small Announcement

Happy Thursday! It's exciting because it's the day before Friday...which is the day before Saturday...which is the day also known as SLEEP IN DAY!

I have a bit of excitement to announce because I didn't last week when things were chaos.

Both Divination Falls books are now available in paperback. How awesome is that?

Both LION HEARTED and BEAST IN ME can be purchased with paper pages. Oooh, I cannot wait to smell them.

My little announcement is this: due to what feels like a constantly revolving door of promotion and often feeling as if I bombard people on my social media with links, I will ONLY be announcing freebies that are relevant TWO TIMES per day now. Once in the morning and once in the early afternoon. This translates to late morning, early evening in the UK. So if you are interested in whatever current freebies might be going on, please simply check my Twitter Feed or Facebook Page. Simple pimple!

While I'm here, I will say that as of the typing of this blog, my newest novella INVENTING HERSELF is free on Amazon US and UK. Ta and da

I hope you're having a bad ass week ;)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

20 Questions With Tenille Brown: “ha, ha… yeah, I ‘quove you!”

Good morning! It's Wednesday again. Can you fucking believe that?

This week's willing victim is Tenille Brown. Tenille's a fun person to follow on Twitter. Her Mommy and Me tweets are often hilarious and she's just an all around neat person. Check her out if you get a chance.


1.    Favorite YA book?

“Go Ask Alice” by Anonymous because I was twisted even back then.

2.    It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…

Spinach Florentine

3.    Football or baseball?

Football…specifically…49ers football.

4.    Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating!

Love by Toni Morrison, She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, Sugar by Bernice L. Mc Fadden, Skinny by Diana Spechler, The Coldest Winder Ever by Sista Souljah (P.S. I tore my bookshelf down, these are on a shelf in my closet)

5.    Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout?

Eat in

6.    Favorite meal to cook?

Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo

7.    Favorite TV show when you were a kid?

Fraggle Rock (hides face)

8.    Favorite TV show now?

How I Met Your Mother (again…hides face)

9.    Best teacher you ever had…

Virginia Nix

10. What did they teach you?

Long Division

11. Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about.

I wrote this boy a note telling him that I loved him and my handwriting was so bad that the “l” in love looked like a “q” so he came up to me in front of everyone and said “you…quove…me?” and I just went with it and was all “ha, ha… yeah, I ‘quove you!”

12. Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about.

Ask me 25 years from now ;)

13. What one clothing item can you not live without?

A five year old pair of black high heeled Timberlands, love them. They never go out of style.

14. Zombies, vampires or werewolves?

Lesser of the three evils…Vampires.

15. Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to?

I would really like to tackle paranormal erotica, just to prove to myself that I can do it.

16. Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t?

Yes, and I deleted it about a week ago.  It was a terrible oral sex story written about nine years ago.

17. Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down?

Put it down…who’s got that kinda time?

18. Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all?

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

19. Do you read reviews of your work?

I write shorts so I’m just happy when I happen to come across reviews that mention me.

20. Red wine or white wine?

Red, if there’s no vodka in the house.

Tenille Brown’s writing is featured in over fifty print anthologies including Best Women’s
Erotica, Chocolate Flava 1 and 3, Curvy Girls, Going Down, Best Bondage Erotica 2011 and 2012, Sapphic Planet, Suite Encounters, Open, Best Lesbian Erotica 2013, Only You, Sudden Sex,  Smut Alfresco, and Smut for Chocoholics.  She writes for Mischief Books, and has non-fiction included in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Writers.  The southern wife and mother blogs at and tweets @TheRealTenille. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Yay! Free Smut!

I don't have a ton of time to blog right now. Or a ton of stuff to say that is not man/hospital/illness related. So, I'm posting some free smut today by one of my favorite people in the whole wild world--dirty or otherwise ;) Population 32 originally appeared in the Dirtyville Anthology edited by moi. The antho is gone now but a lot of the authors have agreed to let me post their stories here as free reads. Look for more in the future.

If you happen to be a former 'Villes author and would like your story to appear here, please contact me if you haven't already done so.

Happy Memorial Day, folks. Kiss a veteran and tell them thank you.


Population 32
Alison Tyler

There was a day, a few years back, when we all watched Sarah Miller up on a stepstool by the ugly green sign on the border of town. She was adjusting the population numbers using a strip of duct tape and a pair of sewing sheers, turning 32 to 31 with an X and a line.
That’s how easy it is to erase a lover.
We all knew that her long-time girlfriend, Mona, had left in the night, stealing a battered old suitcase and leaving behind an empty bottle of scotch. “Nobody stays for long,” Sarah complained, stepping into the bar. “After awhile, they always leave.”
What do we have to offer in our tiny hamlet? Beautiful views. A one-pump gas station—faded ‘mechanic wanted’ sign in the window—and a bar with a jukebox that only plays Zeppelin. My bar.
The bar’s where I met James. He was passing through—that’s what they do, says Sarah—they pass through. I was behind the counter, as always, leaning on my elbows and watching the turkey vultures hover out the window. New dead meat in the road.
James walked in right when the first vulture plunged, a flutter of black wings. Every head in the place turned to look as James sat at the bar. Vultures. New blood is as exciting inside as it is out.
“What can I get you?” I asked, feeling everyone watching us.
James scanned the bottles behind me. Then he scanned me. My cheeks flushed. I’d been thinking of the birds, and I hadn’t looked him full on yet. Dark hair brushed back, cool blue eyes, working man’s hands. I like hands like that, hands that can grip onto a wrench as easy as a bottle.
“Maker’s Mark,” he said, and I poured him a healthy shot.
“What do you all do in town for fun?” he asked next. I tried to smile, but I could feel the tightness in my throat. Not a lot to do at the end of the road. You can drive to hear music, 45 minutes North. Or you can go out dancing, an hour and a half South. But unless you like quiet—and by quiet, I mean quiet—our town doesn’t offer a lot.
“Depends on how you define ‘fun,’” I managed to say.
He looked me up and down again. My pussy tightened. I hadn’t had that kind of fun in awhile. Not since Mona left town.
He was on me before closing, in me as soon as the last rancher had left the bar. We did it in the hallway, his hands all over my body, his mouth on my throat. I hadn’t been with a man for months, hadn’t had sex like this since I first discovered what fucking really meant. Freedom.

* * * *

The fact that he was at the bar the next night made my heart pound. The fact that he came home with me—up the stairs to the lonely apartment over the bar—brought forth a rush of hope as powerful as the three climaxes he gave me: first me astride him, then his mouth on my cunt, and then his cock in my ass.
“People don’t stay here,” I said into my pillow afterwards. I didn’t want him to see the tears. “They move on through.”
“What do I have to do to prove I’m staying?”
I thought about it. “I’ll tell you when I know.”

* * * *

The next morning, I shared the memory of Sarah, on her stepstool with her tape and scissors. That night, he got out the duct tape, but he didn’t head for the sign. I hadn’t been bound before. James kept me right where he wanted me, and then he told me all the ways we were going to do it: “I knew when I walked into the bar that you were waiting for me,” he said. That would have sounded stuck-up if he hadn’t added the words, “Like I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Waiting how?”
“I’m not a patient man,” he admitted. “I’ve been waiting, but not like those fucking birds in the trees, out there on a branch. I’ve had my eyes open. That’s what I mean.”
He sat at my side. He stroked my hair. He let his fingers wander down my body. “I am never going to get tired of fucking you,” he said, and then he bent and began to lick my clit, tough fingers spreading open my soft lips. “I’m never going to get tired of spanking your ass, or tying you up, or making you scream.”
Ranchers don’t talk like that. Mona didn’t even talk like that, and she knew her way around a clit.
“Show me,” I said. He smiled. He used a razor blade to slice the tape. He flipped me over on the bed and told me to keep myself still this time.
“You want proof,” he said. “You want to feel inside of you that I’m giving you something to hold onto. But you have to find that in yourself. That trust.” Then he was pulling his belt out of his jeans, snapping the leather in the air, letting me know what was coming.
Ranchers don’t whip you—not even when you beg them on your knees, tears streaking your cheeks as you explain this is what you need. Mona didn’t even understand, although she tried once with a piece of rope. James punished me fiercely until I cried, and then he fucked me just as hard, his cock thrusting, his hands in my hair.
“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll show every night that I’m not going anywhere. I’ll show you every morning when you wake up at my side.”
The “mechanic wanted” sign came down at the gas station. But before we celebrated, James said he had something to do. He grabbed up the razor blade from the windowsill. “I’ll be right back,” he said. “I just have to change a one to a two.”

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Snog: Wanderlust Forever

Again I plead my case...hey, today's extract starts with a kiss. This is a chunk from Wanderlust, possibly my favorite book ever. And Amazon has buried it. So I'm blowing the dust off Johnny Rose and Really and their tale of travel, sex and love. Don't forget you can GET it OTHER places TOO.

For more awesomeness check out the Sunday Snog on Victoria Blisse's site. You have fings to choose from ;)

p.s. Please forgive formatting. Somehow it got jacked up transferring it from point A to point B and I lost my patience after about ten minutes. I did my best!

From Wanderlust by Sommer Marsden

There was no headboard. Odd, but true. He tugged me to the open closet.
“Put your arms up, sweetheart,” he whispered in my ear and I did. He'd stripped me bare and I stood there in nothing but my earrings. Johnny tied my arms to the metal rod in the barren space. He leaned in and kissed me almost chastely. Then he said, “Be right back. I‟m going to take a shower.”
“I…what?” I blinked at him, feeling slow and stupid. Was he fucking serious?
“I‟m going to take a shower. And then I‟ll be back.” He said. He wasn‟t smiling, but fuck me hard, his eyes were.
“You‟re going to leave me here?”
“Think of it as meditation.”
“Are you insane?”
He shrugged, his big shoulders moving casually. “Maybe.”
“Don‟t‟ leave me here,” I said. I was going to cry. Which was completely fucking asinine. He wasn‟t leaving the state, just the room, but still…Invisible cracks of black fear and red anger opened all over me. My skin stung with the force of my emotion.
“I‟ll be back.”
“Aurelia,” he said sternly and leveled a finger at me.
I shut up. Will wonders never cease. I shut up, but my vision had already doubled and then trebled with tears by the time he was out of my line of sight.
I waited until the water cut on to let the sob rip loose of me. It came barreling from me like some invisible creature. I shivered, hanging there, crying, my hair in my face, feeling like a fool. A wet-between-the-legs for him idiot. One who would be waiting right here for him when he came back.
And come back he did. Naked, rubbing his head stubble with yet another cheap white towel. His cock was hard, jutting out from a thatch of dark pubic hair. Small beads of water remained on his skin and I envied them. I wanted to lick them off of him or feel them destroyed between us when he pressed his body to mine.
“See what it did to me knowing you were hanging out here waiting for me.” He moved in close, his erection pressing to my hip as he traced the silk tie that bound me to the metal bar. “How do you feel?”
“Because you left me out here.”
“But I was right there.”
“I know.”
“Why were you scared?”
Now I felt angry. What the fuck was this. Bondage psychotherapy?
I shook my head, felt my lips press together and my eyes narrow. I had not been in a good mood since Fallon and now I was pissed.
“Why, Really?” He prodded.
“I don‟t know.”
He turned me. I didn‟t have much choice but to go, tied up to that eye-level clothing rod. I turned and he delivered one hard smack to my ass. The sound was deafening in the silent room. We hadn‟t even flipped the TV on.
I was determined not to make a sound.
“I don‟t know,” I lied.
Smack, smack, smack. Heat bloomed in my skin and in my pussy. My body revved up and readied itself for him, recalling the car. The punishment he‟d delivered. And the pleasure.
“I think you do.” He pressed his mouth to my ear, his stubble biting the back of my neck. His arm snaked around my waist as he pulled me back to him. My back pressed to his chest, his belly, his hard cock. My eyes slammed shut, my mouth went dry.
God, I wanted him.
“I don‟t know,” I sighed. It was nothing more than a puff of air. Barely a sound.
Four more smacks and I could feel the redness, feel my pulse beating in my skin.
“All you have to do is tell me.”
My cunt grew tight, urging me to tell the truth. I bit my tongue, remembered the greedy look of the girl in the lobby. She wanted him. Wanted what I felt should be mine, even though the object of my coveting had made it clear he was a free agent. Didn‟t do monogamy well, he‟d said.
That‟s what made it so hard to admit to him.
“Tell me.”
“You make me feel—“ I bit my tongue. Shook my he had. My hair hung in my face and I hid behind it willingly.
“Come on, Really, talk to daddy.”
An ugly laugh burst out of me. “Daddy is the last name you want to invoke,” I growled.
“Tell daddy what‟s the matter.”
He was baiting me.
“Fuck off.”
I got five for that one. And they were hard. Strung together like surges of heat lightning during a late summer storm. My body thrummed, my eyes prickled with tears.
“Why did you get upset?”
“Because you make me feel safe, you ass!” I roared.
And he laughed. There was that laugh again.
But his thick finger delved into my pussy from behind. I was so hot and tight and swollen that one measly finger caused me to moan. Caused my body to clutch up around him.
“Was that so hard?”
“Yes,” I said and that was the truth.
“How do you feel?”
He added a second finger.
“How would you feel if your father was looking for you?”
“Pissed,” I breathed. Another finger joined the fray and he was thrusting, curling, pounding into me with those fingers. Invading my body with his hand and my soul with his questions.
“How do you feel that he‟s not looking for you?”
“Pissed,” I sobbed.
“Do you detect a theme, Really?”
I nodded. Exhausted by this stupid exercise in Aurelia Blake.
Johnny held my hips and tilted them toward him. He stepped right up behind me, kicking my ankles apart a bit. I tilted my ass up for him. I hung there limply, letting the weight of my body hurt my shoulder sockets and not caring.
He slid into me with a groan. A man sinking into a hot bath, a comfortable chair…a willing woman. He started to move, both thrusting to me and pulling me to him. He filled me utterly, his lips pressed to the back of my neck as he fucked me.
I made nonsense sounds. I shook my head and tried to hold on but he read me well and reached around me, stroking my clit. I gave up my orgasm easily. It slipped out of me as fluidly as my breath.
It didn't take much longer for him. Johnny came with a single grunt and a single word. “Really.”

Friday, May 24, 2013

I wish...

This sign was true! As it stands, I am not fishing, but wanted to put something up to let people know I am blogging sporadically but will be back soonish.

Tuesday, May 21, the man was admitted to the hospital. He is better than he was that day but not enough to be sent home. So...I am out. A lot. And my schedule is all wonky. So, if you're used to my regular babble here, it will be off for a bit. And if you're looking for emails from me, they might be late.

However, I am running my stressed-out mouth constantly on Twitter and FB, from the hospital usually, so if you follow me on there, you're in for a real (insane) treat. ;)

Happy Friday, all. Have a lovely weekend. And to all of you chatting with me on Twitter and Facebook during this horribly frantic and lunatic time in my life...thank you. Big fat kisses to you. And hugs too. Because the people who have let me vent and been offering support and kind words through all this have been such a blessing I'd be hard pressed to even put words to how grateful I am.

photo credit: Sifter via photopin cc

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

20 Questions With Willsin Rowe: "The jury’s still out on whether it was the cartoon boobies or the references to seminal fluid that tipped the thing over into bannable territory."

After a particularly grueling day yesterday (see my Twitter feeds and FB feeds if interested), I am so happy to post something fun. And one of my favorite mates, too! See how I used mates? I am very proud of that. Anyway, not just a mate but my super secret weapon aka my cover artist for any of my self publishes stuff. And Excessica stuff too!

And away we go with Willsin Rowe. Mostly because I'm so tired today I an incapable of being clevererererer than what's above ;)


1.       Favorite YA book? The only one I’ve read lately is The Hunger Games. And it pretty much rocked.
2.       It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…Spanish potato and onion omelette...followed by home made custard pie!
3.       Football or baseball? Football...but not the American kind, if possible. I don’t unnerstan’ it at all...
4.       Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating! “Big Country: A Certain Chemistry”, “Warwick Castle”, “The History of Sexuality - Volume 1”, “A Friend Like Henry” and “Scottish Clans - A Pitkin Guide”.
5.       Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout? Eat in.
6.       Favorite meal to cook? Lamb roast. (Part B: Least favorite meal to wash up from? Lamb roast.)
7.       Favorite TV show when you were a kid? Warner Brothers Cartoons. The new ones are quite smart and sassy at times, but the originals are still the best. (I woulda also said The Banana Splits, but Alison Tyler beat me. And I loved it!)
8.       Favorite TV show now? “Rake”. It’s an Aussie show with some of the best TV writing I’ve ever seen/heard.
9.       Best teacher you ever had…Mrs. Gillett in Year 6.
10.   What did they teach you? Acceptance of quirks (mainly mine), and she started me on the path of embracing creativity.
11.   Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about. At the age of four I used to climb onto the roof of our house. Which was on a hill. The front was one storey, but the back was 2 storey. I favoured the back. For some reason my mother used to freak out about it...
12.   Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about. I made a smutty trailer for Virginia Wade’s “Cum For Bigfoot” series. Not so “out there” I realise, but it was the first time Youtube banned one of my videos! Yay me! The jury’s still out on whether it was the cartoon boobies or the references to seminal fluid that tipped the thing over into bannable territory.
13.   What one clothing item can you not live without? My blue velvet jacket (a-la Austin Powers).
14.   Zombies, vampires or werewolves? Werewolves. Every. Single. Time.
15.   Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to? Werewolves!
16.   Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t? Not desperately, no...though there was that Valentine's Day card to a girl in Year 10 at school that was pretty damn awful...
17.   Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down? Put it down. I barely make adequate time to read good or excellent books at the moment. No way I’m going to waste my reading time on something that doesn’t get my juices flowing.
18.   Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all? I pass. Similar to reading, I don’t get to write reviews for all the books I love.
19.   Do you read reviews of your work? I do. It’s still quite a novel experience for me to find a review of my work, so I jump straight on board that bucking bronco.
20.    Red wine or white wine? Red. There’s something so much more relaxing about it for me.

Willsin Rowe falls in love with a scent, a playful expression or an act of casual intimacy more easily than with physical beauty. When confronted by any combination of those elements he is a lost cause. He has done many things over and over, done even more things only once, and half-done more things than he cares to admit. He loves to sing and doesn’t let his voice get in the way. He is intelligent but not sensible. He is passionate but fearful. He is not scruffy enough or stylish enough to be cool.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Everything's coming up freebie...

If you go down one post you'll see Coupling Two is currently free on Amazon. (Still is but you're running out of time! Hurry! Run!). And then word came in today that my publisher Xcite has The Greed Jar, a m/m/f short of mine, free on iTunes. So if you have iThings of any kind you can shoot over HERE and grab one on us for free

With all the free stuff, might I say, if you feel inclined to spend a whopping 99 cents--if that money is burning a hole in your pocket--my new novella Inventing Herself is out.
It's not free but it's worth your buck! I promise ;)

Happy Monday, y'all. Have an arousing day.


Friday, May 17, 2013

"You'll thank me later..." quote Mr. Monk. Why will you thank me? Why, that's easy. It's because my anthology Coupling Two, featuring stories from myself, Alison Tyler, Selena Kitt and Willsin Rowe, is entirely FREE on Amazon right now.

If you were looking for something naughty and nice, salty but sweet, spicy but refreshing for your it is. Grab your copy and enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

20 Questions With Tasha Harrison: "...writers drink a lot. I mean, A LOT!"

Today's 20 Questions are with Tasha Harrison who is one of my favorite people to hang with on Twitter. She runs (like for real, not what I do), writes dirty words and loves my boys the Ravens. So um...she's pretty much perfect, yes?

Happy hump day!

Note: Game of Thrones was not back on air at the time these questions were sent :) 

1.       Favorite YA book?
I don't read a lot of YA but, my favorite recent read is the HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY

2.       It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…
Probably a stir-fry or a salad of some kind. My favorite right now is a meatless taco style quinoa salad with black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, garlic and cilantro.

3.       Football or baseball?
Football. Definitely Football. GO RAVENS!! Super Bowl Champs!!

4.       Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating!
The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe
The Talisman, Stephen King and Peter Straub
Black House, Stephen King and Peter Straub
Madonna's Sex Book
Grimms Complete Fairy Tales

5.       Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout?
Eat in. I'm on this 'clean eating' kick.

6.       Favorite meal to cook?
I really like to grill so anything I can throw on the grill works for me. Grilled salmon and corn are some of eats that repeat from weekly. Oh and chicken wings. I have a weakness for chicken wings. (YUM)

7.       Favorite TV show when you were a kid?
The Cosby Show, hands down.

8.       Favorite TV show now?
It's hard to say because it changes from season to season but, if I'm considering what shows I'm watching right now, I'd say Scandal and Shameless as a close second. Of course, that is only until Game of Thrones comes back on.

9.       Best teacher you ever had…
Mrs. Burrows, grade four. My only black teacher if you can believe it.

10.   What did they teach you?
She wasn't the nicest but, she was very encouraging and was probably the first to discover that I had a talent for telling stories.

11.   Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about.
I was an Air Force Brat and we were stationed in Germany for three years. We didn't live on post but, instead rented an apartment off post in a little town called Haupstuhl. It was essentially a tiny farm town. Three doors up there was a farm that my friend Stacy and I spent hours exploring. One day we stumbled on some goose eggs. Of course, instead of leaving them be we decided that we would steal the eggs and hatch them ourselves! So in the backyard we collected these eggs. Made a warm little nest for them. And in a few weeks all them mysteriously disappeared but no little goslings. :-( So we stole more, vowing to watch them more closely. Again they hatched, leaving behind the shells and no baby goslings. :-( I'm not sure how many times we repeated this exercise before we finally gave up but, the people who lived next door magically had a few geese the following summer.

12.   Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about.
I went to my first writer's retreat! It was fun and also...writers drink a lot. I mean, A LOT!

13.   What one clothing item can you not live without?
running shoes

14.   Zombies, vampires or werewolves?

15.   Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to?
I've had this paranormal story nesting on my hard drive and in the back of my mind for at least six years now. Every now and then I open it and write a little bit but, I'm not exactly sure what keeps me from really getting down to business with it.

16.   Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t?
Fisting. It's not that I wish I never wrote it but, I wish it didn't make me feel nervous that people will read it. :-/

17.   Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down?
I was once a person who finished every book I started but now I realize I have precious little time to waste on books that I don't love.

18.   Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all?
Most of the time I pass. Unless it's really horribly bad. Like so bad that it would cause me great discomfort to hold my tongue.

19.   Do you read reviews of your work?
Yes, but I only take them with a grain of salt. Not everyone is going to like what I write.

20.   Red wine or white wine?

Tasha L. Harrison is an erotic romance author living in the southern United States with her impish husband, two smallish men and one smallish boxer pup. She writes urban/contemporary erotica and romance. Learn more about her and her dirty scribblings at