Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Free Read: Reclaiming Spring

I didn't realize that I wasn't just a sexy excerpt at, I'm an actual story! So if you want a Free Friday Read to spice up your weekend kick off get yourself HERE and read Reclaiming Spring from Shanna Germain's Bound by Lust.

Warning: It's BDSM content. That being said, enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend, folks. ❤️


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Accidental Cougar

I love a good surprise, don't you? Well, that's not true. I don't always love a surprise. Like the time we were um...ya know...alone and all the phones started to ring and not two seconds after things were, ahem...finished, my mother-in-law's at the door saying, "I called all the numbers! No answer. So I just stopped by."


But this was a nice surprise. I ran out to the store this morning and while getting into my car I glanced at this young man, smiled, looked away. When I looked up he was still looking and proceeded to deliver a flirty little smile and well...I was shocked. Apparently, he digs the 40-something, no makeup, dressed like she's a cast member of Rent (it was really fucking cold, folks. there were layers.) ladies.

That wasn't really the surprise though. The double take and the smile were a nice happenstance but the surprise was the idea it triggered. A little project titled The Accidental Cougar. It sounds fun. It sounds sexy. It sounds like just the project I need. So when I asked on FB and Twitter who'd read it and got actual answers from actual people and was met with actual enthusiasm...well, hell. You don't have to tell me twice.

So there you go. I have a new project and here's a picture. This isn't the kind of cougar I mean, but I just couldn't resist. Isn't she pretty?


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sneek-ety Peak-ety...

I never do this. I mean NEVER. I have never pulled a section from a WIP even if it is contracted to a publisher and posted it before. Ever. Maybe one line. Just one line. But never a section. However, I adore this book and I read this section and well...personal rules are made to be broken, right? I'm going all crazy with the Cheez Whiz up in here.

This is a snippet from the upcoming Chasing Shade due out with Ellora's Cave sometime this year. If you find and boo-boos they're my bad. This is unedited and all that jazz.


From Chasing Shade

© Sommer Marsden 2014

"Will you...can I be under you?"

She felt safer that way but didn’t know how to explain it. Because just saying it that way felt silly. How being under a man could be safer than being on a man made no sense. But inside of her, in some battered broken place, it did to her. She needed to feel him covering her. Sheltering her. Because she found, in that moment, that she trusted Archie Rader implicitly. Even with her truths.

He studied her, his blue eyes dark and intense. Then he nodded once and flipped her. Flipped her so fast she let out a strangled little cry and then found herself laughing. But under him. Blissfully, perfectly under the bulk of him.

He took it one step further, warming her heart. He knocked her legs a little wider and then pushed her arms above her head and held them down with a single strong hand. His free hand drifted up and down her side, tracing her ribs, making her skin shiver. Archie plunged into her, driving deep, rotating his hips and stalling not only her breath but his own.

“This won’t last long, Betsey, not with you beneath me. I’ll lose my resolve to hold on.” He chuckled. 

“Why?” She sincerely wanted to know. She wanted to know what was in his head.

“I like the feel of you beneath me. I like the feel of you next to me. I just like the feel of you. Hell,” he stalled for minute, still filling her but not moving. “I like the idea of you in this world, Betsey.”

Tears streaked, unexpected and annoying to her, from the corners of her eyes. She tried to turn her face away but he grasped her chin gently and made her face him. “Don’t run from me, okay? I thought it was amazing to stumble over someone nice,” he said, grinding his hips, keeping her primed. “Someone nice who helped me find a job and a home…what a fucking miracle, right?”

She could only nod, her throat having grown so thick she couldn’t speak. 

“But then last night…and today…I realized…” He shook his head and then kissed her. His fingers bit into her wrist, his chest crushed her breasts, pushed her meager breath out of her, but God was it perfect. “I realized that you are the miracle, Betsey. Not what you offered me.”

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Will you be mine...?

As with so many things I find myself excited about this starts with the phrase "And then Alison Tyler said..."

That she missed paper Valentines! And I said: oh my god! yes!

They were so much fun. So exciting. Even more way way back in the day when (T-Rex roamed the earth) and we made them ourselves. I ask, will you be mine? Do you want a Valentine? I promise no two will be alike and they will all be handmade by moi!

The man and I have never done V-Day big. We always kept it small but heartfelt. I remember one year I had forgotten to make his Valentine (we almost always made them) and I panicked. What he ended up getting was a black piece of construction paper folded in half and in gold hair gel, of all things, an impression of my...well, let's just say nipples were involved and a short sentiment of my undying love and filthy affection.

He still has it.

Now! You won't be getting one of those, but I promise to send you something worthy of keeping. And I'm not the only one doing it. For more info go HERE to AT's blog and see who's doing what. Collect one! Collect them all! Gotta Catch 'Em All! Oh wait...that's Pokemon.

If you want one just send me a love note (or a normal email works) to sommermarsden[@]gmail[.] com (taking out the brackets!) and put YES! in the subject line. Include your snail mail address and I'll make sure you get a pretty something in the mail from me.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ranty, snow and other fings...

It snowed! As you can see, the fat, red, furry child isn't so sure he likes this much of it. He's older now and's cold!

These were taken about 1/2 way through the storm (after we'd gotten to and back from chemo). All told, I think we got about 10 inches. (Save your penis jokes!)

 Also, pretty mail yesterday despite weather, I'm in this gorgeous book. Love Burns Bright is a collection of lesbian romance stories. My story Waiting for the Harvest originally appeared in Eat Me edited by Alison Tyler.
 Speaking of Alison Tyler, I have a story in her fresh off the presses Twisted. Grab your copy today!Is that not a smoking hot cover? Whew!

Let's see, I haven't blogged in a while so you can see I'm smushing it all in at once. Bet you're wondering about that ranty? When I looked at some of the responses and likes on Facebook I decided to post my morning rant here. So here goes:

I'm going to bitch for a moment about something that will surprise no one given my "Surprise him with a new body" meltdown the other day.

Yesterday at the hospital I was perusing the magazines. People bring in books and magazines and even puzzle books and leave them on a large pair of bookshelves for patients and caregivers. You can borrow and return, look while you're there or simply take them home and keep them. Most people like me bring and take so there is a balance and a new flow of material.

Yesterday I had what can only be described as Cancer Center ADD so I was looking at the magazines. I founds ESPN. I found HOG. I found various other men's magazines. All that appealed to me more than the huge stack of women's magazines which all sported large type titles like DROP THOSE LAST FIVE POUNDS! and FINALLY SHRINK YOUR WAISTLINE. Or HOW TO GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS IN BED and MIRACLE DIET! BEAUTIFUL SKIN! LUSCIOUS HAIR! Apparently, I am weight, hair, skin and the ability to please another person.

This is why the only magazines in my home are Esquire, Food Network, Country Living and Yoga Magazine. I refuse anything labeled specifically as a "Women's Magazine" because apparently I am the only one who realizes I am more than bits: weight, skin, hair, vagina.

What set me off? The ad to my right as I type. "Your Perfect Beauty. She lost 60 lbs, 12 inches on waist, and 7 inches on hips. You can also do it!" Hmm. Let me take a shot at this: You are beautiful right now. If you lose weight you will be beautiful. If you gain weight you will continue to be beautiful. If you shave your head, or braid your hair, if your skin is dry or glowing with dewy youth (heh). If you dress like a model or if you dress like jeans and a tee is your uniform (waves hand) you are beautiful. And if anyone tells you different...punch them in the neck. ~end rant~

Let's see, what else...

I just finished Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill. I have read a lot of his books but this one was a favorite. Definitely a book that you think about in the dark. To you that might not be a good thing, heh, but to me, a book that follows me into the dark is a well written book. I highly recommend it.

About to start Innocence by Dean Koontz. Looks different for him, so we shall see. I even managed to snag a signed copy. I already have a copy of Hideaway with a signed bookplate but this one is actually signed. Good use for Christmas gift money. I just hope it lives up to the hype.

We're currently scrambling to watch all of these: Supernatural, Justified, American Horror Story: Coven, Psych, Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow (but it just ended), The Following and many more. We are currently looking forward to: Hannibal, Rizzoli and Isles, Perception and others. I'm drawing a blank. LOL. I was worried we're TV addicts (duh) but as my daughter--wise for her years--said, "I don't think it's so much TV. We're big readers in this house. And you're a writer. I think we're just addicted to storytelling..."

Oh! Thank goodness. :)

Off to shovel. As you can see, I had a lot to say. It's been a while. What are you reading? Watching? Do you have snow? Do you wish you had snow?...Bueller?....Bueller?

p.s. if you're curious about my use of 'fings', well, then you'll have to read Apartment 16 for yourself.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spotted in the wild...

At the Power Plant Barnes and Noble by boy child:

And no, this game is still not old to me ;)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Sommer will leave you feeling satisfied and hopeful."

That's what I'm talking about! 5 stars from Illustrious Illusions for Hollow Men. And remember, the book is marked New Reality book 11 but these books are not a series. The only link between the books is they are all set in a new version of reality. You can start on book 2 or 7! Because they all stand alone.


Very pleased that this book has been received so well. To read the full review and II's take on my book go HERE. FYI: Zombie exterminator fans should dig the storyline in HM.


Sunday, January 12, 2014


Okay--so that's not a verb. But I made it into one due to giddiness.

We've been playing a game in this family since December when Restless Spirit released in the US with Sourcebooks. It's called: is my book there and how many copies are there? Oh and bonus round: Where is it located in the store?

Today I took girl child to the Barnes and Noble in Towson. Unlike the B&N on the Avenue in Whitemarsh, the Towson store did not have me in New Romance back in December. They had me on the shelf. The first time I went...1 copy. The next time anyone went there were three. Boy child sent a picture. Three copies filed on the shelf. Today I went and checked the regular shelf and...sigh...

No copies. I tried to convince myself that was good. They sold. But alas, I had a sad. Until I turned and~~~>

And oh my holy caramel mocha latte! There I was!

Then I turned the corner, just on a whim, and...

Much rejoicing in the New Romance section. Fist bumps and hugs and stupid dances with girl child who was there on a Black Butler run.

There are more copies on the shelves that previous two visits combined so tada! And yay! I'm going to tell myself that means they ordered more as opposed to my constant, almost waking, nightmare that everyone in the world returned their copies. Cause that seems a little paranoid.

Just a bit.

Happy Sunday!

p.s. I figure I should stop stalking my book eventually. Maybe.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I need...

A massage...
Three days totally alone...
To read a book straight through like I used to...
A really good kiss...
To not question every breath I take...
To break these new boots in...
A perfect meal...
To sleep for twelve hours straight...
To tamp down my rage (or just let it all out)...
To feel happy in my jeans again...
To feel happy in my skin again...
To learn to crochet and/or knit...
To paint something (I used to paint occasionally)...
A good rum and Coke extra lime...
A marathon of funny movies...
Peace of mind (or a piece of mind would work too)...
A vacation...
To not worry for an hour straight (at a minimum)...
My mommy...
My grandmother...
To read by candlelight...
A cigarette or a thousand (but I won't)...
A stiff drink or seven...

What do you need?


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A kiss I'd forgotten...(extremely NSFW)

I find myself editing two books at the moment, one final edits, one to turn in for consideration. The weird part is I am not writing during this period of time. For once I did not know which book was 'on deck' when I finished the last one. So I asked openly on Twitter and Facebook if anyone had any suggestions. I was shocked when a number of people weighed in that they wanted the next (the fourth) zombie exterminator book!

Who knew! I thought I was the only person who loved Poppy and the boys. Anyway, the beauty part of this is the last book (Lunatic Fringe: book 3) came out October, 2011. Which means, I have some brushing up to do. Which is how I find myself reading my own paperback compilation and holding my breath because I have forgotten the majority of it and it seems brand new to me. I find myself discovering scenes like the one below. Which is EXTREMELY NSFW by the way!

Snog away on this Sunday Snog friends. For more kisses go HERE to Victoria Blisse's site.

From No Guilt: Zombie Exterminator Book #2 by Sommer Marsden:

I’d never felt more naked than with both of their eyes on me. Never. Garrity sat on the bed, still wearing his jeans and his button down. His bare feet looking shockingly white to me on the hardwood floor.
He pulled me in, his fingers wrapped around my wrist, and I dropped into his lap so I wouldn’t fall. I sat there, feeling small and unsure, as Nick came forward. For some reason, now that we were facing the fucking time, so to speak, I thought of him as Nick and not as Cahill.
“Spread your legs, Poppy,” he said and took one finger and pushed my right knee open just a bit.
My mind relayed the fact that I could feel Garrity’s cock hard inside his jeans, pressing to the cleft of my ass. I felt like an observer. I could feel what was going on in my body, but part of me had detached to simply see what I could see. A voyeuristic part.
Nick dropped to his knees and put a hand on each of my knees. His hands felt rough on my skin, rough but warm. He leaned in, inhaling the scent of me and that act alone made me wetter. I felt a small bit of fluid slip from me and when he pressed his lips to the inside of my thigh, a bit more.
“You smell sweet,” he said to me and turned his face to the V of my sex. His tongue found me, parted me, delved into me. He dipped the tip of his tongue into my pussy and then painted my liquids along my swollen clit. I could feel my heartbeat in my pussy.
“She is sweet,” Garrity said more to me than to Cahill. His hands cupped my breasts, and he rolled my nipples between his thumb and finger. My cunt flexed in sympathy with my tender nipples.
Cahill pushed my legs a bit wider, Garrity reached down and held them apart. The way he held me open for Cahill almost ended it right there. I almost came. Watching his palms flush on my skin, holding me wide as we both watched Cahill eat me. His tongue licking with even, proper strokes and then, every once in a while, he’d suck. His mouth would gather the hard knob of my clit like some small fruit, and he would suck so that I felt the curl of near-release in my pelvis, in my belly.
“Where am I?” Nick asked. His finger slipped into me, curled. A second plunged deep and he curled them in tandem. I shivered against Garrity, my body so, so close. It was nearly unbearable. It was perfectly insane.
“Mouth or pussy or…” Garrity was addressing me. I blinked.
“Where do you want us? Who goes where?” He laughed softly, and I felt myself blush.
“I want Nick in me,” I said. “Just this once,” I rushed to say.
Nick sucked my clit right then, bit it hard enough that I hissed, and on the tail end of that hiss, I came. My body going taut and then loose as the warmth flowed through me like an internal flood of honey and fire.
“It’s okay, Pops,” he said to me.
“And you. I want you—“
I shook my head.
I shook my head again. I could want it. I could think it. But I couldn’t say it.
“Where do you want Chris?” Nick said, sitting back on his haunches. He unbuttoned his jeans and started about the business of getting naked.
I couldn’t look away. I remained mute, watching, not talking.
“In your ass?” Nick asked.
I nodded one time and felt Garrity jolt just a bit under me. I hadn’t actually told him that part. We had joked about anal, but never even talked seriously about it. It had just been a joke and nothing more. He hadn’t seen it coming, poor thing.
“Really?” he asked against my throat, his hands held me to him as Nick continued to undress. I felt prim and proper with my hands folded in my lap and his folded on top. We waited, and it didn’t escape my notice that his cock was still hard. Impossibly hard.
“Really,’ I said. “Is that okay?”
This time his laughter was big, and he tried to mute it. “Yeah, babe. That’s okay.”
Nick bounded onto the bed and sprawled on his back. Hair standing in spikes from my hands making a quick tour of his scalp as he’d tasted me. His cock stood up against his belly, hard and ready and flushed with blood. His green eyes glittered in the low light.
God, how I wanted him. And for the first time, it was okay.
Garrity urged me to him and Cahill’s hand dipped under the pillow. He pulled out a condom and worked the package. Before he was able to roll it on, I darted forward and sucked his cock into my mouth, hearing Garrity blow out a breath behind me. I had worried he’d sound angry. He sounded turned on beyond belief.
His hands settled on my hips, and I took my time now. I ran my mouth up and down the length of Cahill’s hard-on as he watched me with those gorgeous feline eyes. I had always thought that about them. Garrity’s eyes reminded me of a wolf. Alert and wise and watchful. Cahill’s of a cat, lazy, assessing and entitled.
Those eyes were on me now and from behind I felt the fingers of the man I love push into my cunt and start to thrust. Garrity fucked me with his fingers as I swallowed his friend down, getting Cahill’s cock as far into my throat as I could. When I couldn’t stand the wait any more, I raised my head and then dropped my forehead on Cahill’s belly.
“Now, now,” I said to them. “Before I lose my nerve or my mind.”
“Final chance to back out,” Nick said and waved the condom at me with a smile.
“Put it on,” I said.
“Good girl,” he answered and touched his finger to my lip for a moment. It was an affectionate gesture, and it made me feel safe.
It was Garrity who guided me to a straddling position over Cahill. His hands were on my hips as I sank down on our friend, letting him penetrate me. Odd, but I had thought it would be Cahill or me to do that part of it, but it was Garrity, and it made it that much better.
I stilled when Cahill was deep inside of me. The lube that Garrity had rummaged for was a cool kiss of liquid to my back hole. His finger pushed in smoothly but slowly. I held my breath and from under me Nick whispered “breathe”. So I blew out and inhaled a great gulp of air. Garrity added a second finger.
My eyelids drifted closed and my mind opened up. In my head I could see me from above, impaled on one man, opening like some exotic flower to the other. When he added a third finger and my cunt clenched up around Cahill, I sighed.
“Go on, Garrity,” Cahill said, reaching up to touch my face. “She’s ready. She can take it. Can’t you, Pops?”
So Garrity pushed the head of his cock to my ass. I felt the sting-pinch-bite of penetration, but he froze for a moment, letting my body accept his intrusion. Letting all of me accept the presence of not one man, but two. And when it did—when I went soft and ready for the both of them—Garrity started to move.
He fucked me slowly, the lube working wonders for the orchestration of it all. He moved into me from behind as Cahill thrust up from under me. I was bursting at the seams. I was full and light and floaty and anchored. A living breathing paradox made of flesh and blood. I was caught between two men who cared about me. One who loved me deeply, one who wanted to please me. Both would keep me safe.
It was the feeling of freedom.