Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Updates...

Two quick things before I take my box of wine and go lie down in the middle of the floor (bad day, LOL). They're good things so I'm going to celebrate them.

First thing:  Crossroads, a paranormal, M/M/F, demon, cursed, witch shifter extravaganza is out from Excessica today (available on Kindle, B&N, ARe etc). It's at the low low rate of $1.99. A hell of a bargain. Hell...*snort* you see what I did there?

Second thing: Poster Boy for Average got a 4.5/5 and Top Reviewer Pick from Night Owl Reviews. It's a super lovely review and I'm over the moon about it. I love that the reviewer loved my book. Go see for yourself HERE.

That's it. Have a great weekend. And pass the wine...


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hi-ho, Hi-ho...

I've got more work to show!

I have no idea where that homage to the seven dwarves came from but hey, there it is.

It wasn't supposed to be until tomorrow but Crossroads is out today on Amazon (other venues to follow tomorrow). My cursed/witch/shifter trifecta novella can be found HERE right now. And more places tomorrow on 5/30.

Woohoo! And of course, bad ass cover by Willsin Rowe. See below for more about Willsin!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mixing it up with Willsin Rowe and his bad ass covers...

I wanted to mix things up a little. I have authors on spotlighting their work all the time. And the other day I said to myself, "Self, you should have a cover artist on. And lucky for you, self, you have the best cover artist." And I do! And here he is! I've had the pleasure to work with Willsin Rowe as a writer AND as a cover artist. He's definitely got a lot going on and manages to handle it all brilliantly. Now let's look at some pulse-quickening covers and my probing questions...

*probe probe probe*

If you could create ANY cover what would it be? No holds barred. No client like me saying: “You know I really like minimal…”
There really isn’t any one kind I’d most like to create. Mainly I’d love for people to see one (or more) of my covers and feel compelled to investigate that book. Whether that be through crisp simplicity or through magnificent detail...either way is fine by me.

What’s your favorite font? There are only a trillion of them, right? So choose one. ONE.
Gah! Yer killin’ me here! Actually, I think Goudy Old Style would be my favourite, if push came to shove. It looks good in a formal setting, but also can work as body text. It’s kinda like the Miss America of fonts! For reference, it’s the font I used as the title on this little number I co-wrote with Katie Salidas.

What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever received?
This is not quite what you mean, I suppose, but I did receive some private messages on Yahoo at one point. A saucy young man who took a shine to a cover I’d made, and thought perhaps “Willsin Rowe” was the model on the front of it (a gorgeous blonde wearing almost nothing except handcuffs and a gag). When I pointed out that I was definitely NOT that girl, due to me being a dude, he wanted to know if I took the photos myself. Nope. Stock shots. “ any you can send me?”

Do you find it harder to do your own covers? If so, why?
Absolutely I do. Essentially it comes down to having too much information. Not just about the physicality of the characters, but the events of the stories as well. When a client requests a cover, they usually boil the story down for me into the most important chunks. I have my whole story moonwalking through my mind as I search for models.

What’s your darkest cover?
Probably one of the first I ever made. “Pitfalls of Desire: Winston” by Jennifer Campbell. A tale of forced feminization and punishment.

Your most whimsical?
It’d be hard to go past Selena Kitt’s “Tickled Pink” for that one. Mmm...underwear...

The most bad ass?
I think Jason Halstead’s “Devil’s Icebox” would be a tough one to beat in the realm of bad-assery.

Who’s your favorite client? Oh that’s not a fair question. We know it’s me. Next question! ;)
Wait, I—

How did you get into covers in the first place?
But I want to answer that previous—

No you don’t. How did you get into covers in the first place?
It was almost by default, really. My main publisher, Excessica, put around an email asking if any authors had the skills to work on covers. At that point (2009) I’d been working professionally with Photoshop and Illustrator for 15 years, so I tentatively offered my services. It seemed I had a little bit of what it took, because I’m still doing it now, nearly 5 years later!

Any big projects/plans coming up?
I have stories coming out soon in a couple of anthologies, for which I’m also making cover art. Those will be (or already are!) 3D boxed set covers too. I’ve been pushing the boundaries of 3D covers lately, as well. Things like this, and this, for instance...

Thanks for visiting with us, Willsin and showing us some of your amazing covers! If you look, dear reader, in the sidebar you will see some of my covers done by Willsin. Gritty, Wanderlust, The Accidental Cougar, Crossroads, etc, etc, etc. 


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sexy Denial and Dirty Paperbacks and Book Recs, oh my!

Here I am again, a day late and a dollar short. Well, probably more than a dollar if you examined my finances but you know what I mean!

Yesterday was a stop at the amazing Victoria Blisse's blog for my pseudo blog tour for Poster Boy for Average. I talk about how denial can be a lovely thing. That's right. You heard me...

Go HERE to see what the hell I'm talking about.

And...drum roll...yesterday was the release day for Dirty Magic! My new print book from Ellora's Cave is a compilation of the short novel Dirty or Die and the novella Automagically. It's a whole lot of sexy paranormal sandwiched inside a smoking hot paperback cover. Perfect beach reading if I do say so myself.

Happy Saturday. I'm about to do my ritual Saturday morning errands with girl child and then I think I shall continue reading the great book I started late last night. Maybe I should tell you about my evening reading...

Around 9 I finished Game by Barry Lyga which I highly recommend. The I Hunt Killers series is awesome. Girl child got me hooked. I read the first book (I Hunt Killers), waited impatiently for her to finish Game after it arrived in the mail. And upon finishing it I immediately downloaded Lucky Day the ebook just to give me a fix while we wait for book three.

I am saving the ebook for when I start to get twitch. So I started Cradle Lake by Ronald Malfi last night at around 11. So far, I'm digging it. The opening bits are reminiscent of the opening to Pet Sematary to me. (Please, no one correct my spelling. Every time I mention that book in print people try to slyly correct my spelling to Cemetery. So I recommend they check out the book cover. The spelling is supposed to indicate a child's spelling. But somehow no one every notices it's spelled wrong on the book. Just that I spelled it wrong! LOL ;) )


Wednesday, May 21, 2014 behind!

I owe a great thanks to CJ Lemire for having me to his blog the other day...Tada! With an excerpt involving nimples (Okay, so it's nipples but that's how my kids once said it...out loud...VERY LOUDLY! the grocery store. So they've been nimples forever since.) Go HERE to check it out.

Also, Tada! The Accidental Cougar is out in print, my friends. How awesome is that? Go HERE if you want it on your RL bookshelf.! Today I am at Angell Brooks' joint as the most recent pseudo blog tour stop. Thanks, as always, to Angell for having me. I can't remember what I'm talking about over there (are you surprised?) but you can go HERE to find out for yourself.

Then someone come tell me...

p.s. Stay tuned for more updates. And a print book out on Friday. And a new book out on the 30th and...*gasp*.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Two for the price of one! It's Saturday!...

And my Poster Boy for Average tour has two pseudo stops. Okay, they're actual stops. But it sounded better that way.

Stop one was with Lynn Townsend and involves a favorite moment. GO HERE.

Stop two was with Tamsin Flowers. She asked for a naughty excerpt and I delivered. GO HERE.

Thanks to both of these lovelies for having me back. I feel like I should start paying rent on their blogs!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Back again for the pseudo blog tour for "Poster Boy for Average"

Teresa Noelle Roberts is awesome. She's had me back again to her blog, this time for my almost blog tour for PBFA. Today I have a snippet involving man-chest for your perusal.

"Instead of hitting the dirt in a tangle of jalapenos and tomatoes, she hit a broad-chested man in a flying tackle. He stopped her momentum easily and she got a face full of man-chest."

If you're looking to procrastinate some on this gloomy, rainy Friday (at least it is here) stop by and waste time for a bit.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yesterday...and Today

Yesterday: the lovely Alison Tyler put up a blog post for my PBFA pseudo blog tour. She's got a mystery poster for one lucky commenter/winner. Check her out HERE.

Today: The equally lovely ;) Willsin Rowe has a post up for this slipshod PBFA tour. I hope you'll stop in and get a little snippet when you're free...or, you know, just itching to do something other than what you're supposed to be doing. Procrastinate HERE.

p.s. If you go to each blog and check out the blog title you might get a chuckle. I assure you that was not planned.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tonight...tonight...tonight (getting my Phil Collins on it seems)

I'll be at Evelyn Adams Feels Like Home Release Party. It's a public event on FB so stop by if you can. I'm the 7-8 p.m. slot. I'll be posting excerpts, asking questions and giving away some books. Plus you can ask me questions if so inclined and share pics with me (but more on that later). Nothing kicks off a Friday night like a party.

Go HERE if you want in on the festivities. Go HERE to check out the book. Time to get a leg up on the weekend's relaxation.


photo credit: downthewaterfall via photopin cc

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stop 1 of my pseudo blog tour: Cassie Exline and "Not naked!"

Stop one is here! I'm at Cassie Exline's today with a snippet of PBFA. Go check it out and say hi. Seriously...say hi. No one says hi anymore. *sniffle* ;)


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All kinds of Ta-da! today :)

I put out feelers this morning for a slapdash blog tour for Poster Boy for Average. Because all the people I know rock so hard I'm deafened by it, I put together a tour in about an hour. Ta-da! I'll announce each stop as it happens (that's the 'pseudo' part of the tour). Below is a nice little tasty line from PBFA and below that is the list of stops for the pseudo tour!

Awesome :)


Those who rock:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Guest Post: Alison Tyler and the Never Say Never tour! "A Watched Slut Never Boils"

Today, I have one of my all time favorite people here. Alison Tyler's stopped by on her Never Say Never tour and she has some cooking advice for us. Sort of. If you mean steamy sex when you talk about cooking. I hope you'll check out not only Never Say Never but her original Never Have the Same Sex twice. And not because I'm in them (but I am), but because they're not your typical How-To. I'm not much of a How-To girl. I'm more of a guy in that area (at least a lot of the guys I know). Directions? Instructions? I don't need no, either of those things. But these are guides I can really get behind. And under...on top of...side saddle.


A Watched Slut Never Boils…
I am a cookbook junkie. Although I cannot boil water without forgetting I have a pot on the stove, leaving the kitchen, and ruining (yet another) saucepan—I love reading cookbooks. Jamie Oliver resides on my shelf next to Dinner at the Authentic Café and The Moosewood Cookbook. The Silver Palette has been my friend for years. I adore the quotes in the margins, the little friendly chitchat, the easy-to-understand diagrams of meals I will never make.

Well, never say never, I guess.

My goal with my guides was to create this sort of feeling. This warm, welcoming, we- can-all-do-this atmosphere. Except with sex rather than food. Because while I am scared to death of the kitchen, I have no fear at all in the bedroom… dining room… living room… garage…movie theater…taxi cab…sex club…

Never Say Never incorporates full-length erotic tales from some of today’s top writers. But I also included tiny snippets of sensational stories to give additional flavor to the book. Rather than have me stand at a podium spouting off—I invited a slew of other writers to share their advice in story form.

When you read Never Say Never I want you to hear my voice—as well as the voices of the other 40 or so authors in the book. I want you to be able to dip in and out—the way I dip in and out of cookbooks. But unlike me, I want you to find that your fear (if you have any) subsides. That the tricks and tips are helpful. That you can take the knowledge and go boldly forward.

Fuck the water on the stove.

Get cooking in every other room of the house!

Alison Tyler

Excerpt from Never Say Never, by Alison Tyler
            “Is that man bothering you?”
            I’m standing in front of my closet, trying to decide what to wear. I don’t even turn to face Sam, but I can feel him right behind me, waiting for my response.
            “Which man?” I ask as I reach for my favorite red dress.
            He puts his hands out to stop me, and in seconds, my wrists are pinned behind my back. I was silly to think I could get away with walking around in only my black satin bra and panties when Sam was nearby.
            “The man touching you,” he says as his fingertips dip into my knickers, as his pointer parts my nether lips to feel the wetness between. “Is he bothering you? Should I do something about him?”
            Touching me. Yes, a man is touching me. Sam has his free hand running up and down my split, and I nearly buckle. I would, except he has me standing at attention with his hand on my wrists. I bow, wishing we were close to the bed, wishing I could collapse and luxuriate in the way he manhandles me. But he’s having none of my wishes. This is about Sam, mind-fucking me as he finger-fucks my pussy. I keep myself from begging. We’re not even close.
            He pulls me in front of the mirror over my dresser and makes me watch him. His fingers are sticky with my juices, and he runs his fingertips over my lips, then kisses me. I taste myself in his kiss. He releases my wrists, but I keep them in place, staring as he pulls my bra down in front, revealing my breasts. He pinches my nipples—first the right, then the left—and I close my eyes and sigh.
            Sam doesn’t miss a trick. “Open your eyes.”
            I obey, immediately.
            “I’m waiting for an answer.”
            “I forgot the question.”
            He nudges me with his erection. I would drop to my knees and suck him, except he hasn’t asked me to.
            “Is that man bothering you?”

Alison Tyler is the author of more than twenty-five novels—most recently Dark Secret Love and The Delicious Torment (both from Cleis Press). She has edited fifty anthologies for Cleis, including Got a Minute—called “one of the very few truly indispensable filth anthologies around” by UK Forum. She cannot cook a lick—but she can lick the cook. Visit for 24-hour snark.