Friday, May 8, 2015

On waves and addictive books...

The following is pasted from my FB feed Thursday 5/7. Apologies if you've seen it but there's additional stuff below :) :

So my new system for what seems to be the never ending list of things that must be done/handled when someone passes is every day there are 3 things on the list. 2 easy (usually things that will never end. Mowing the lawn, calling about an insurance claim error, paying bills), 1 hard. No excuses. Today I dealt with a major one. It wasn't as hard as anticipated, like so many of the things on the list. The only explanation I have is, that when you lose the love of your life, *everything* seems overwhelming. The point being: I did it. And now I will reward myself. Probably by reading in the middle of the day :). I have been mostly silent but for reposts the last week or so, I suspect because Mother's Day is approaching and Jim always went all out for me on M's Day. So grief, does comes in waves, as I was told. I'm trying to just breathe and hang ten.

What I didn't say: I've been reading A LOT in this down time. Down both literally and figuratively. What have I been reading you ask? Well let me tell you!

I'm very excited about the upcoming show Wayward Pines. I discovered about a week or so ago that it's based on a trilogy by Blake Crouch. I decided to attempt to read at least the first book before the show premiered so I ordered them. Um...

I read the first book Pines in about 36 hours. Started it late Saturday morning, finished it early Sunday evening. So I moved on to book two Wayward. Which is odd for me. I usually like a palate cleanser between series books. I read that one from late Monday morning to early Wednesday evening. Girl child was amazed!

Then...even more amazing, I went right on to book three The Last Town. I started it yesterday and am well more than 1/2 way done. I fully expect to have inhaled the trilogy before the show starts. It's highly addictive, well written, and nothing like I've ever read before. I highly recommend it if you're looking for new addictive reading material!

Have a happy, happy weekend. And Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous muthas!


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