Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Even Deeper...

If you've been following the breathtaking tale of Alison Tyler's characters Jack, Samantha, and Alex, you're going to be thrilled to know her novella Even Deeper is out now. Now! Check out her intro below for a sneak peek as to contents and check out the novella on Amazon. A stark-raving mad steal at $2.99

I first discovered Alison Tyler's world of BDSM in 2005 when I was just starting out writing erotica. She was my shelter in the storm. So many books I'd read didn't really work for me. Weren't my cup of hot, hot java. Then I found her anthologies and thought, "Oh yeah, this is what I've been looking for. This is where I belong." Her work is real and raw and honest, is it any wonder she's a go-to for so many BDSM fans? Um...no!


Intro to Even Deeper:

Welcome back to the story of Jack, Samantha, and Alex. Yes, Jack’s name goes first. That’s intentional. That’s what he’d expect. You’ve made it to Paris—or almost to Paris. You’ve arrived at the airport with your bags packed and passport in hand. Hold on. Let me lead you to your seat in first class. Would you care for champagne? A warm towel?
I’ll sit at your side and tell you everything. At least, I will tell you to the best of my abilities. Some of the past is a blur, of course. Even the clearest memories would have to be altered after all this time. I’m not so different from the average girl looking back through the years.
What do I have to help? Diaries and notebooks. Scraps of paper that I tucked into various books I was reading at the time. I’m a packrat in many ways. I’ve saved so much. But for some of the scenes, I simply have to close my eyes and I’m back. Like that. I can not only visualize a room, but also smell the smoke and the whiskey. Not only imagine the way my lovers looked, but touch them. Reach out and stroke their skin. Run my fingers over the fine lines of muscles, the hard bodies.
Yes, I’m gazing on all this from a distance. I’m not twenty-two anymore. There are images, though, that might as well be tattooed on my skin. They are so vibrant, so filled with endless rich color. Rubies and sapphire. Dark emerald and violent fuchsia. A photograph burned into me forever.
Sometimes I wish I could write for days. Sit down and explain everything. Take you to the future with me so that you could fully understand the past. Instead, I do my best. I try to give you the moment. I try to hand it over, glossy, wrapped, like a present to open. A dream to climb inside.
For me, looking back is hazy. As if I’m watching something filmed underwater. Or grainy, like a movie from fifty years ago. But a gorgeous movie. A movie with depth. With resonance.
Thank you for sitting in that dark theater with me.
The dark, X-rated theater of my mind.
Alison Tyler