Thursday, October 20, 2016

Speaking of Spooky Reads...FREE Halloween Read

Speaking of spooky reads (like I was yesterday) I'm part of Circlet Press's countdown to Halloween. My free micro fiction story "Din-Din" is up today on their site. Read my story, go back and read the previous, then turn around and read forward. Read, read, read! And buy a Circlet book or three while you're at it.

Happy Halloweenie (countdown).


Boo! Spooky Reads For October

Time flies when you're losing your mind, then finding it again, then losing it again...[rinse and repeat]. But I am aware enough as I try to restructure life and work and slowly regain my sense of humor and urge to do more than watch TV and exercise, that it is October. And October has always been a favorite because I truly dig all things spooky.

For instance, I have snagged myself a guy who loves horror movies as much as I do. Correction: he loves them more. So I have seen some doozies lately that I didn't even know existed. And on top of that we are currently working our way through Tales From the Dark Side (hello 1984 and thank you, Shudder!). Just last night we witnessed Christian Slater at the tender age of 15 in an episode called A Case of the Stubborns. Oh yeah, Brent Spiner was in there too.

But I digress. I'm popping in to post some of my spookier tales for your consideration. I hope you can find something that makes your heart beat faster.


Two people lost and alone in life searching for answers…

Maddox visits abandoned sites to take photographs and figure out his future. He haunts the places that are monuments to the way he feels inside. Stark, empty, raw. And Olyvia searches for answers to her own painful
loss by hunting ghosts. Trying to comfort herself by seeking proof of an afterlife.

One haunted amusement park with a dark history…

Maddox and Olyvia recognize kindred souls in one another. But a chance to fully explore their connection is a luxury they may not have. There’s a ghost stalking Screamland hell-bent on revenge. And it’s targeting them. 


Wesley Moore, who bargains with a demon to find success. The price seems cheap when he's alone and his family has a history of early deaths. What he doesn't count on is falling in love with two different people just before his deal comes due. Can Wesley come away with his life and both the boy and the girl? 

**Originally appeared in Other Magical Creatures

Big Bad

Lust according to Ruby: You read those books where they explain it all away. They make it fine with rationalization. But what if I just want to? What if that's my whole reason? My life is not a romance novel. I don’t need justification. I’m a grown woman who knows what she wants. I want Ellis. And I want Tyler. And I won’t apologize... What’s worse than wanting both your best friend who’s a vampire and the just-back-in-town alpha werewolf you find yourself fixated on? Finding out that the werewolf in question wants you, too. But he isn’t too keen on the sharing part. Oh, and by the way, you’re his dead mate. Okay, okay, dead is harsh—reincarnated. What’s worse than that? Realizing that you believe the whole crazy tale of reincarnation. Because it seems to be true. And yet you still want them both—together. Vampire and werewolf and you in the middle. Stuck between two predators who want you and only you. To complicate it all, you find out that you can have it. With your new/old mate’s blessing. But just one time before he claims you as his. Are you brave enough to take it? That one shot? Well...Are you?

Long Lost

What's a girl to do once she's gotten her wolf? Spend Christmas in the belly of the beasts...or at least their Town. Ruby's loving her new life until a single phone call makes her knees go weak, bringing the near past back into her cozy present. Seems an old evil has returned in a brand new nasty package to take another swipe at Ruby. Ellis isn't about to let that happen, and neither are her friends, but Ruby discovers she will be the only one who can really do what needs to be done. And it turns out there are things at stake she never imagined. Things she's willing to die for.


The Divination Falls Trilogy

Lion Hearted
Beast in Me
Kiss Me You Animal

Happy Haunting and Happy Reading. Boo to you!