Sunday, August 13, 2017

Anthology News!

Hey, hey, I'm so happy to have a story in this new anthology Dirty 30 Vol. 2 put out by Stupid Fish Productions and Rose Caraway. My story Thunderclap is tucked in amongst a bunch of dirty stories and great authors. Check out the antho if you're in the mood for some variety...and spice ;)

More news about some fun stuff coming soon, btw. And some pretty excerpts from Lucky 7. I'm trying my best to be 'on the ball' but it's all translating to 'chasing my tail'. Tail...heh ;)

Happy Sunday!


Here's the lineup for the curious at heart.

Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm a masochist...but YAY! My book is out!

*Author's Note: This is coming out a few days after I wrote it. Because I had a SNAFU and then chaos. Hey, I'm getting one kid off to college and the other out to cohabitate with his BAE. I'm a bit chaotic ;)

So today is the first book of mine to release in...oh, I think about a year and a half. Two years if you count my last Excessica release. I'm so excited I kind of forget how I'm supposed to do any of this. The last few years have been spent pimping other people's books. Now, I have one of my own again and I'm sorta...duh. :)

This morning, to celebrate, or maybe just to think about how to proceed, I ran a one woman 5K in horrible heat and humidity. When I was done, I went out with girl child (who leaves for college in a few weeks). I, literally, had to think about what to do about a new release. Which was bizarre.

So, here goes! There's the lovely cover. The lovely links below. And a lovely (I hope) excerpt. Things are changing around her fast. All of it at once. Girl child is off to college, boy child's moving out with his girl. Me...I'm stunned. But I think this will leave a lot of time for writing (to burn off the crazy). Which that I'm back, look out. I'm back and I'm moving forward full speed.

Happy Friday!


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A big machine kink and sharp teeth cravings, a celebratory threesome, a bartender with specific urges, and a wife who likes to share her husband as an appetizer. Roll yourself a lucky number seven with this new collection by Sommer Marsden.

This short anthology comes after the success of Lucky Streak, the follow-up book to the original anthology Lucky 13—#9 in Violet Blue's Ten Hottest Sex Books of 2009. It’s bursting at the seams with neon colored characters and their tempting tales. From the darkly erotic The Scent of Her to the kinky Big Machines to the romantic Finger Bang. Take a chance and treat yourself to these seven sexy stories.

excerpt from Sharp

I wasn’t particularly interested in Derrick until I saw his teeth. We’d met via a friend of mine. It was at a party, and I’d had a few drinks. So had he. So had everyone else. There wasn’t much of a spark, no burning attraction, but I’d still agreed to a date the following week.
To be honest, I was dreading the whole thing. When he showed at the local dive bar I was prepared to tell him it had been a bad idea and leave it at that. Until he walked in and smiled at me. It was a big smile, genuine, lit by the surreal orange colored sconce lighting.
His canines were sharp. Sharper than most. And just seeing them set my body buzzing. I imagined them scraping down my throat. Biting my collar bone. Dragging down my inner thigh. How had I not noticed them on our first meeting? How had that predatory grin escaped me?
I put my hand on his arm and felt that previously absent spark spring to life. “Derrick,” I said. “Thanks for coming.”
I hadn’t intended it, but somehow the emphasis I placed on the word coming, made him raise an eyebrow.
“Of course, I’d come for you,” he joked. “Who wouldn’t?”
I put a hand to my cheek expecting them to be hot. Thankfully, they weren’t. But my laugh was a bit on the nervous side. “What I meant was—”
“I know what you meant,” he said. “I was just joking.” He flashed those canines again in a big smile and my nipples spiked hard and hot inside my bra.
Shake it off…
I had to keep saying it to myself, though, as he put his hand on my arm and led me to the bar. “This good?” he asked.
I nodded, licking my lips. I was suddenly thirsty. And warm. And the room seemed to have grown smaller and more crowded. I climbed onto my stool, and he did the same. He waved a finger at the bartender who nodded to indicate he’d be right over.
“I really didn’t think you’d come,” he said. Then he laughed. “So to speak.”
“I didn’t either,” I blurted. Then I waited to die. “What I meant is…” I sighed. “I don’t know what I meant.”
The bartender took our order, a Jack Daniel’s neat for Derrick, a house Cabernet for me. I was grateful from the respite from embarrassment.
“You didn’t find me attractive,” he said as the bartender went to grab our drinks.
“I didn’t find you unattractive,” I said. It was the truth. “I just didn’t feel that…thing.
“Ah, that elusive thing,” he said. 
“Yes. I know. It’s stupid.”
“Not at all. Sadly, or maybe not sadly, for me, I did feel that thing with you. Which is why I asked you out. So now you,” he said, placing a single finger on my forearm. The skin he touched seemed to heat up and I found my gaze straying back to his teeth. “Why did you come if there was no thing?”
It was my turn to touch him. I couldn’t seem to help myself. I placed my hand on his arm and felt his warm skin. “I decided to say yes anyway because I feel like I spend so much time saying no. It’s not healthy. At least that’s what I hear…and read…and my mother tells me.” I couldn’t help but laugh.
I let my hand rest on his arm and felt like I was flirting with the Big Bad Wolf. A thrill raced down my spine like a trickle of cold water. I shivered.
“No. Turned on.” There I went. Blurting again.
He raised an eyebrow and took a sip of his drink. “Now I’m really confused.”
I drained half my wine in a single gulp, took a deep breath, and asked, “Do you want the truth or do you want me to dance around it?”
This time both eyebrows went up. “Always the truth. It’s the best way.”

“Your teeth,” I said. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Must be pimping day...but I'm a proud mom!

My lovely girl child (not so much child now) has an amazing story in this SciFi collection HUMANS WANTED. If you dig that sort of stuff, or just good writing, you might want to grab a copy of said collection. It just went live today and was carefully curated and a Kickstarter to boot. Go Indie!


This Friday!


I might be slightly excited. I'll be posting links etc super soon. Bear with me, it's been ages since I had a book release. I kind of forgot how exciting it is. And how to do it. So...winging it.