Monday, December 17, 2018

The Case of the Precariously Leaning Bawdy Bookshelves by Sommer Marsden

It's time to tackle the bawdy bookshelves since they are sagging precariously under the weight of over a decade of books. I have a lot of paperbacks that are no longer available--whether it be completely or with that particular cover. Each book shown is $14 shipped*, signed to you or a friend, or naked if you prefer.

All books are brand new. I have limited quantities of each, so just shoot me an email a and tell me what you're after.

*for US only. I'm happy to ship to the UK but will have to charge a bit of shipping.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Best Lesbian Erotica Volume 3: Husher (by moi!)

There seems to be a reoccurring process with the stories I write for Sacchi Green

The process is this: 

I have nothing. I want to, but damn, I have like...nothing. Then I get a germ of an idea. And then I write the germ and let it grow. Then I turn in what I’ve grown and Sacchi says: “Great! Thanks!” [paraphrasing].

The point is, when her calls come out, I often have nothing in the chamber, but then her call magically grows an idea. That’s pretty neat, if you ask me. It’s like a secret dirty challenge to myself. So what have you got, Marsden, what are you going to turn in for this one?

I’m pleased, as always to appear in an anthology edited by Sacchi. To rub shoulder with some damn fine writers. And to see my name in lights (or on paper, if you get me).

Husher was fun to write. It was sexy and odd and I liked it a lot. As a writer, what more can you ask for then all of those elements? I mean, it had me at odd, you know? 

So, here’s a little taste. And if you’re looking to stuff a stocking—your own or a loved one’s—pick up a copy of Best Lesbian Erotica Volume 3 and treat yo’self. Save on the heating bill and keep warm with a good dirty book. J

“I see you staring at her all the time,” Maggie said. She nudged me with her elbow.
I glanced at her again. The girl with dark, dark hair wearing the black leggings and black Docs. I had come to think of it as her ‘uniform’. No matter the top she wore—tunic, sweater, hoodie, sweatshirt—she always had on the black leggings and Docs. I was curious to see if this fashion trend continued into the warmer months.
I shrugged, making an infused iced tea for the irritated soccer mom trying to get her toddler to stand up. Every time she let go of his hand, he dropped to the floor again. I tried not to smile. He seemed to be on a mission to make his mother nuts. My mother often claimed I had the same mission.
“Go talk to her already,” Maggie hissed, putting a lid on the soccer mom’s latte before bellowing her name: “Susan!”
Susan took the drink gratefully and hustled her apparently boneless child out of the coffee house. 
“You do remember who you’re talking to, right?” I snorted. 
I wiped down the counter because we had an unexpected lull. The black uniformed girl ate her scone, sipped her plain black coffee, and read a book. I’d come to realize this was her lunch break.
Maggied rolled her eyes. “Yes, I realize. The world’s shyest girl. But come on, Darby. Even you can muster up a little ‘hi’, can’t you?”
I shrugged. 
“Ugh. Listen, I know someone who you know…” She leaned in close so I felt her breath on my ear. Maggie was cute, but not my type. “Had a little fling with her.” Her eyes wandered pointedly to the dark-haired girl.
That perked me up. I cocked an eyebrow and stopped wiping the counter for a moment. “And?”
“And, you ask? Not who?”
I shook my head. “Nope. I don’t care who it was. But I’d like to know how it was.”
She rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed with my lack of curiosity on the identity of the person who fucked the dark-haired girl. “You’re a weirdo, you know that?”
I nodded and waved my hand as if to say, go on…
Maggie grinned and spilled her guts. She apparently thought she had dirt. “She said it was good. Hot. Really hot, actually, but the girl was always telling her to hush. She was a husher, if you can believe it.”
I giggled. “A husher?”
“Yeah, my friend said every time she’d try to talk while they were fucking, Angela would hush her.”
“Angela,” I said, letting the name roll off my tongue.
“Yes. Angela. By god, don’t call her Angie, from what I hear.”

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

This is just a quick winter pop in. In 2019, I hope to come here and blog more than once every 18 months (kidding, mostly...).

Just wanted to say that you don't have to subscribe to my newsletter to read it. The latests is full of updates and even a recipe and can be found HERE.

If you like what you see, you can subscribe in the sidebar over there ------>

As we speak, I am writing some erotica, working on what's turning out to be a very long (again!) horror story, and rereading a book that scared the ever living fuck out of me when I was fifteen. It disappeared into the ether many moons ago (seeing as I just turned 47) but I managed to score myself a used copy.

So far, it's as great as I remember and the cover is the bomb, don't you agree? ;)

The Bearded Giant and I have been doing a lot of rewatching of 80s movies lately. And I've been doing some rereads from the glory days of 80s thrillers and horror novels. So stay tuned! If you have any books you're looking to give a reread shoot me an email or leave a comment. I've been playing with the idea of finding a book many people have read and doing a book club kind of deal. Who knows, we have a whole brand new fresh year coming up, people! (May it be full of less insanity than this one).

Have a Merry Christmas or Holiday of Choice. Above all, I wish you time with those you love--human and furry kinds alike--and some down time. And a warm beverage or three. And wine. Don't forget the wine...


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Things, Stuff, and Thanksgiving Wishes

Hey, y'all!

It's been a while. Again! But that's the nature of life I've learned over these last few years. Things I used to do almost daily--like blog--I do rarely, at the moment. Things I couldn't stand--like running--I now do almost daily.

Another fun discovery this year was about my work flow. I used to work best at home. I could write some, do some laundry, walk the dog, write some more, bake something, write some more...I got a shit ton done. The last few years after Jim passed, I found that work flow didn't work for me at all anymore. It took 2 years of the bare minimum of work and simply living and taking a big deep breath for me to rediscover my love of writing. And figure out how to get back to it fully.

The catch is, now I work best by packing up my shit (shit must be my word of the day) and going to the cafe. I stay between 1 and 3 hours and manage to do a ridiculous amount of work. I can switch fluidly between what I'm writing, chatting or doing light promo on social meds, to editing, to research. Then I come home and put my writing hat away and do anything that needs to get done here including packaging vintage sales or housework or whatever.

Isn't that weird? How we change. And what once worked well no longer does. And what once only served as a distraction now serves as a way to hone focus?
                                                            *also weird: me as a snail

Thanksgiving is almost here and I have a lot to be thankful for. I have The Bearded Giant who is finally 110% moved in along with the mini giant when we have him. I have two amazing grown kids who are good people and amaze me every day. I have a fat wiener dog who still acts like a puppy. I have rediscovered my love affair with writing, and am officially sticking toes into another genre (horror). I have a novel to turn in soon and three vintage shops I love running and love shopping for. I have many amazing friends all over the place because you're all just at the end of my fingertips.

In actual writing news:

I'm editing a book (erotica) I wrote between the end of 2017 through mid 2018. I know where I want to submit it and I have the edits done so...just some polishing and bright and early January 1, 2019 I'll hit send. Fingers crossed!

I woke to an anthology acceptance this morning so there's at least one book I know I'll be in in 2019. More on that when I'm allowed to say. But just for the record, I was super pleased.

I have a few horror stories out there under consideration, one I'm editing to send out, and one I am happily clicking away on because I'm excited about the concept.

For the fun stuff:

We've been watching The Great British Baking Off (season 1 at the mo so no spoilers!) and Nailed It and, of course, other weird things. I went through a huge binge of Hoarders but ran out so...damn it.
Recent reads are The Widow, Elevation by King, and currently nearing the end of The Drive-In by Joe R. Lansdale.

Current podcast addictions: The Horror Show with Brian Keene and Sidehustle School.

And that's about it. I'm plugging along, and though, in a lot of ways it's been a rough year, it's also been a great year. I think they call that balance.

Oh, and my birthday is like 10 days away so there's that.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving no matter how you celebrate or who with. If you feel so inclined, drop me a comment and let me know what YOU'RE thankful for!


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Long Time, No See...

Hey there, y'all!

Long time, no see. I've been...well, life-ing. A brief personal update: The Bearded Giant and the mini giant are now in! The cohabitation has begun. Everyone seems to be settling in nicely (knock wood, throw salt) and life is pretty good. Boy child is hustling away at a brand new job and girl child is back in the wilds of upstate NY being smart and talented.

Now life returns to the normality of fall. People doing their own schedules and less summer time off fun, which means more time for writing, blogging, working, and running the vintage shops.

So here we go with book news. Calendar Girl got a re-release from Wild Hearts Romance and then...a bunch of brand spanking (heh) new reviews from Apple readers. Which, I find wildly (heh again, look what I did there!) exciting.

Let's see what folks are saying, shall we?

I was pretty tickled. There are more now, but when I took those screenshots, (totally intending to post that day, hahaha!) I was stoked.

In not-yet-done book news, the novel I finished months ago and was supposed to 'get right on' is being edited slowly but surely. I hope to have it out by early 2019. It seems I am not as fast as I once was, but I've learned life, and the things we go through, can change us. We're constantly evolving. I am faster in some areas, slower in others. And that's a-okay.

However, if you're jonesin' for something new from me, don't fret! I'm pleased to say I'm in some sexy upcoming anthologies. I'll keep you posted on when they come out.

As far as the vintage thing, well, we've been thrifting and digging and poking and picking our way through MD and NY lately. I have some amazing things up on the shops and I make steady sales now so I am one happy camper.

Speaking of campers. I want one. Bad. An Airstream. I can fill it with treasures and tote it behind me as we travel. Which we're doing a lot more of.

Overall, life is good. Things are happy. And I am blessed.

I'll be back soon--I hope--to announce release news for those anthologies and hopefully (shakes fist at sky) my newest book.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy High Holy Day!

Since 13 is my lucky number (hence the title of one of my first books!) Friday the 13th is always a good day for me. I'm not superstitious. I'm usually celebrating. And given my boyfriend's name--can you hazard a guess?--a few years ago the day just got better.

Happy Friday! Have a relaxing night. And remember to lock the doors. Just in case.

p.s. If so inclined drop me a note about what you're reading this weekend. I'm reading The Outsider by Stephen King. And it's the bomb!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Calendar Girl Gets a Reboot and That Means a Special Deal for You!

One of my favorite novels evah! The rights for Calendar Girl were returned to me a few years ago and I thought that was that. I wanted to rerelease it myself but had yet to get to it. And then the stars aligned and it got a brand new life and a brand new look from Wild Hearts Romance. The book will be in three sections or you can buy the whole series. And good news--the whole series is on a pre-order special on iTunes for 99c. That's for a limited time only.

It's a great deal for one of my most beloved and comical (in my humble opinion) novels. People often ask where they should start reading when I'm a new-to-them author. I always recommend Merritt's adventures as a great jumping off point. For a few years I couldn't recommend it, but I can now and that thrills me :)

The deets:

Merritt Evans is expecting a lot out of her marriage but what she is not expecting is to come home to find her husband Drake diddling with the local trainer. Thanks to friends in high places, Merritt's divorced by the new year. She’s ready to put her old life behind her and her best friend Jeffrey--drag queen and fake psychic extraordinaire--comes up with a game plan. 

A year of fun, frolicking and hot sex. No strings, no expectations and did he mention hot sex? A fresh guy every single month to get all the needs and kinks and cravings out of her system so she can move on. Merritt’s doing well with her plan until Penn Fratila shows up. Hot, Romanian and sexy as hell. Oh yeah, and he wants her. Bad.

This is the Complete Calendar Girl Series by Sommer Marsden.

Happy Sunday!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Let's Talk About Stress, Baby...or How Much Panic Attacks Blow

I just posted this on Facebook but it's WAAAAAY too long to put up in chunks on Twitter so here goes... :)
This is the fun fucking part of having gone through a long terminal illness with someone. For every third or fourth time you visit a doctor's office (for you or anyone else) you get a free bonus panic attack. 
Today the bearded giant had a dental visit. I went with thinking we'd grab lunch after before he headed off to work. At the hour mark my brain decided we had hit radiation an/or chemo time. All the anxiety and fear from then came flooding back despite it being now and not then. And I was crippled by it for about 45 minutes before he came out of the back and whisked me out of there.
I asked to go with him. It was my idea. I even had a good book with me I was reading for a friend. I did not anticipate that. I never saw it coming. All I wanted to do was unzip my body and crawl out of my skin. Inside my brain I was literally screaming the entire time. That translated to a slow leak out of my eyes. 
I then proceeded to beat myself up and then some. Because I should be past this/over this/better than this/stronger than this etc etc etc.
I'm posting this not for hugs or sympathy or any of that very nice stuff people offer up when the read something like this. I am offering this up because, if you are there too--if this happens to you--it's okay. I can't seem to tell MYSELF that it's okay but I can sure as shit tell someone else that it's okay. You've been through some shit. You've seen some shit. Sometimes your body goes haywire and crosses its timelines and is a big asshole of a time/emotion traveling TARDIS. And it's okay. It will pass eventually, as much as it sucks in the moment.



Friday, February 23, 2018

So I Did A Reading or I’m Not 9 Feet Tall

As a lot of you know, I’ve been doing this dirty writing thing for almost 13 years (in March, hollah!!). I have managed, in those baker’s dozen of years to NOT do a reading. I did submit to a radio interview once upon a time. And last year I did do a podcast with one Rose Caraway because I felt like I’d know her forever and I was in a mindset to say yes to things that scared me. But a reading…yeah, no.

Remember that mindset of saying yes to things that scare me that I mentioned? Yeah, that bit me on the ass toward the end of 2017 when Rachel invited me to read for BWE of the Year Volume 3 in February 2018. I consulted the bearded giant and his words of wisdom were: Yeah! Say yes! You have many months before you have to worry about it…


Time passes quickly, y’all. Because the next thing I knew, it was coming very soon and I had to choose an excerpt. Like a dingus, I asked TBG to do so. He chose, good lord, the DIRTIEST section of the story. But I had been assured by Rachel that light, medium, or heavy dirty was fine.

So, I practiced. I read it out loud every single day the week before the reading. I read it to the dog (poor thing), I read it to my salt lamp, I read it to the Winchester boys (on mute, mind you). I read it until I was bored with it. On purpose.

Let’s fast forward to the day of the reading. I got up and I ran. And ran. And considered just keeping on until I was out of the state. Then I went about my day as best I could all while feeling like a flock of butterflies were devouring my innards.


So, mid-afternoon I get a text: ON MY WAY TO YOU! I am me, after all, so I pay attention to time. Time…more time..even more time…too much time. By the time I heard the thump of his bass outside I was like a Chihuahua on crack. He walks in and I’m ready to say: What was that!? That was too long! But there he is with a bundle of flowers, a smile, and a “There she is…”

Talk about diffusing assholery in a second flat.

Like I said, there were flowers and then…um…other stress diffusers, and finally it’s time to feed the beast! (I am the beast) We go get a burger. My all-time favorite food on planet earth. And then we hit the road. It keeps snowing off and on, which stresses me. (I’m stressed to go, I’m stressed to miss, I’m all over the map!) I have well over an hour to stew in my own stress juices as it were.

Multiple times I suggested that the ride had been lovely but we could turn around now. Every time I was shut down.

Finally, we arrive in DC. Kinda…

See, it was Mardi Gras. And there is, friends and neighbors, a Mardi Gras parade in FULL SWING when we hit the wharf where Politics and Prose is located. There was literally no parking. We were almost to launch time, kissing distance to the venue, and yet…stuck.

I texted Rachel. I fumed. I texted Rachel. I gritted my teeth. I waited. I breathed. I was told “I got you. I won’t let you down” by TBG and I knew that was true. Somehow, our vehicular about face led us to accidentally turn into the roundabout for the wharf. But…while waiting to exit to the chaos again, we saw a car go straight. We looked at each other and said: What if…we went straight…?

Answer: a secret underground hidden parking garage NO ONE on the street had directed us to and yet had plenty of free spots!

We hustled out of the car and into the elevator and up we went and boom! There was P&P facing us when the doors opened.

So, this was a blessing in disguise because I literally had ZERO TIME to stress or obsess or any of it. I waltzed in, found Rachel, hugged her, hugged Lynn Townsend who I’ve also ‘known’ forever but never met, perched my ass in a tall, wobbly director’s chair and faced…a lot of fucking people.

Way more than I expected.

It’s okay. It’s fine. Smile. Look away.

There’s the bearded giant over to the right smiling like an idiot and looking like he might pop with pride as he VIDEOS ME [so many eye rolls here]. Adorable goofball, glad to call him mine.


Lynn Townsend leans over as we chat and says: “We gave you the chair without a foot bar because I know you’re tall.”

True, especially in comparison to my fellow readers who all had heels on in the photos you might see and I am wearing flat boots, I am tall. I am not, however, 9 FEET TALL. Which is how tall one would have to be to stabilize themselves on a tall wobbly director chair with no foot bar. So in a lot of pics you see me swinging my legs, with my legs straight out, or hooked behind the chair legs and resting on the side struts. I spent the majority of the reading tyring to stay in a chair that felt like it was going to vomit me onto the floor at any moment.

Again, probably a blessing in disguise.

Because when Rachel asked me to read, I realized that all the excerpts that had been read were not NEARLY as dirty as what the bearded giant had chosen. If you watch the footage, it’s quite possible you will see me mouth “YOU ARE DEAD” to someone off screen. That would be me talking to him.

I read it, though, dammit. I read it and my hand shook so hard I had to press it to the arm of my wobbly chair to steady it so I didn’t lose my place. BUT I did not falter because I had read it so many times I just plowed through.

And then it was done. And it was questions. And then a signing. The signing, by far, was my favorite part. I met some sweet, funny, charming people. I met a few authors. I met some ‘fans’ which is a word I can never equate with myself but they used it so there it is. But for me, as always, it came down to the people. The writers I’ve known but never met, and the readers I’ve always wondered about and got to chat with.

The bearded giant shuttled me home. I drank a bucket—no really, a bucket—of wine. And that night I slept like the dead.

Despite the stress, worry, self-doubt, traffic, parade chaos, wobbly chair, restless legs, and beating the mic against the arm of my chair several times by accident (sorry!), I am so glad I went. And dare I say…I’d do it again. Look forward to it, even.