Sunday, June 10, 2018

Calendar Girl Gets a Reboot and That Means a Special Deal for You!

One of my favorite novels evah! The rights for Calendar Girl were returned to me a few years ago and I thought that was that. I wanted to rerelease it myself but had yet to get to it. And then the stars aligned and it got a brand new life and a brand new look from Wild Hearts Romance. The book will be in three sections or you can buy the whole series. And good news--the whole series is on a pre-order special on iTunes for 99c. That's for a limited time only.

It's a great deal for one of my most beloved and comical (in my humble opinion) novels. People often ask where they should start reading when I'm a new-to-them author. I always recommend Merritt's adventures as a great jumping off point. For a few years I couldn't recommend it, but I can now and that thrills me :)

The deets:

Merritt Evans is expecting a lot out of her marriage but what she is not expecting is to come home to find her husband Drake diddling with the local trainer. Thanks to friends in high places, Merritt's divorced by the new year. She’s ready to put her old life behind her and her best friend Jeffrey--drag queen and fake psychic extraordinaire--comes up with a game plan. 

A year of fun, frolicking and hot sex. No strings, no expectations and did he mention hot sex? A fresh guy every single month to get all the needs and kinks and cravings out of her system so she can move on. Merritt’s doing well with her plan until Penn Fratila shows up. Hot, Romanian and sexy as hell. Oh yeah, and he wants her. Bad.

This is the Complete Calendar Girl Series by Sommer Marsden.

Happy Sunday!