Thursday, August 30, 2018

Long Time, No See...

Hey there, y'all!

Long time, no see. I've been...well, life-ing. A brief personal update: The Bearded Giant and the mini giant are now in! The cohabitation has begun. Everyone seems to be settling in nicely (knock wood, throw salt) and life is pretty good. Boy child is hustling away at a brand new job and girl child is back in the wilds of upstate NY being smart and talented.

Now life returns to the normality of fall. People doing their own schedules and less summer time off fun, which means more time for writing, blogging, working, and running the vintage shops.

So here we go with book news. Calendar Girl got a re-release from Wild Hearts Romance and then...a bunch of brand spanking (heh) new reviews from Apple readers. Which, I find wildly (heh again, look what I did there!) exciting.

Let's see what folks are saying, shall we?

I was pretty tickled. There are more now, but when I took those screenshots, (totally intending to post that day, hahaha!) I was stoked.

In not-yet-done book news, the novel I finished months ago and was supposed to 'get right on' is being edited slowly but surely. I hope to have it out by early 2019. It seems I am not as fast as I once was, but I've learned life, and the things we go through, can change us. We're constantly evolving. I am faster in some areas, slower in others. And that's a-okay.

However, if you're jonesin' for something new from me, don't fret! I'm pleased to say I'm in some sexy upcoming anthologies. I'll keep you posted on when they come out.

As far as the vintage thing, well, we've been thrifting and digging and poking and picking our way through MD and NY lately. I have some amazing things up on the shops and I make steady sales now so I am one happy camper.

Speaking of campers. I want one. Bad. An Airstream. I can fill it with treasures and tote it behind me as we travel. Which we're doing a lot more of.

Overall, life is good. Things are happy. And I am blessed.

I'll be back soon--I hope--to announce release news for those anthologies and hopefully (shakes fist at sky) my newest book.