Tuesday, February 19, 2019

More News is Good News!

Anyone remember Gary Gnu from The Great Space Coaster? That's what I was channeling right there. I picture Gary saying: More gnus is good gnus!

So, here's my gnus...I mean news. I haven't had a lot of news over the last few years so bear with me (or bare with me, whichever you prefer) in my excitement.

I will shorty have more book news! Another rebooted EC novel that will be given new life. I have a cover but I'm holding onto it for just a bit.

For today, I'll just say, yay! I did another scary thing to me. A Patreon page! I've been working on it the last week or so. I'll leave the link HERE in case anyone is interested. I'm loading the zombie exterminator books in chunks, I'm loading locked fiction, I'm loading and loading.

I'm very excited.

I'll be back shortly with that book news. In the meantime, if you're interested in becoming a patron, please leave me a comment or drop me a line if there's anything you're interested in seeing in the future.

Happy Tuesday. So far it is so much better than Monday [eye roll eye roll eye roll]


Friday, February 8, 2019

A hoot and a holler for a rebooted novel!

I can't stop smiling because one of my last novels for EC has been given a reboot and a makeover and boy is it pretty. I rarely promoted the book Poster Boy for Average due to the issues with the publisher and the overall scandal that was happening at the time.

But, God, how I loved that book and it broke my heart to ignore it and act like it didn't exist.

Good news for me and for it, PBFA has been given the new title Beyond Handsome, not to mention a smoking hot new look, and the sizable sample is now up on iTunes thanks to Wild Hearts Romance. You can grab the first chunk of the book for free and/or pre-order the title which is due out in early March.

This book is unknown to so many of my newer readers, so seeing it get a reboot and a second chance at life is something that warms the cockles of my heart. Whatever and wherever those things are!

So, head over to iTunes if if pleases you and grab your free sample, or show me some love and hit the Pre-Order button.

Happy Friday! [Does a not-so-secret happy dance :) ]


Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy New Year, Igor!

Heya, heya, all y'all,

I hope your holidays were fantastic. And I hope you survived your January--which felt roughly 2 years long to me--as well as I did. Which means: barely :)

So what's new with you?

Here in the frozen bowels of Maryland, things are...cold. But that's a lot of places, right. So I hope you are keeping warm wherever you are. Unless you're somewhere warm, then you can kiss my butt.

As far as "news" goes, the latest on the book front:

I have one coming out as a reboot! One of my last Ellora's Cave books has been given a new title, a makeover, and some TLC and will be released very soon. I have a cover but haven't gotten the go ahead to reveal so I am dying! I will as soon as possible. (Hint: it is GAWJUSS)

The bonus bit is, another of my final EC books is being given the same treatment and will also get a second chance at life. This is so exciting mainly because they were hardly promoted by me due to circumstances and a lot of readers, especially new ones, may not even know these books ever existed.

If I weren't half frozen I'd jump for joy.

I also just subbed my first brand new novel since Muse. I had the collection Lucky 7 come out in the interim, but damn, shopping around a new NOVEL feels good.

I'm working on a horror novel and shorts and freelancing and...what day is it? I have a lot of plates spinning, and it's been a long time since I've worked that way. I'm getting back into the flow and it's kind of fun.

One of my New Year's GOALS (I hate resolutions) was to read more. I have so many books that I am barely making a dent in. My method:

I drink 2 cups of coffee per morning.
Cup 1 is checking mail for work etc.
Cup 2: I read! No screens. I just read.

It's been working brilliantly. Clearly I am a genius.

And finally, I'll leave you with a perfect illustration of my life. Just for a giggle. Girl child is back at school in upstate NY (boo!) where their weather makes ours look warm. She was off to bed last night when this exchange happened.

For some reason auto correct will change all my dirty words, yet leave actual typos, and then randomly change perfectly normal words to...very weird alternatives.

At least it's consistent.

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