Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cover Reveal for Hump Day!

Would you look at this gritty, sexy beast? The upcoming Lust in the Dust: An Anthology of Post-Apocalyptic Erotica edited by none other than the fabulous Janine Ashbless!

This submission call was a blind reading. Which I found invigorating. What's that mean? It means no one knew I was That it was me...I? That I was Sommer! :) So, when I was contacted to say I'd made it, I was thrilled. You know I love some good gritty end of the world stories.

Release date is July 5, 2019--so close!--and the TOC is below.

Check us out this summer for some poolside reading.



1:         In Pursuit of the Millennium          S. Nano
2:         Addicted to Disaster                     Elizabeth Coldwell
3:         First Contact                                 Raven Sky
4:         Ring of Fire                                   Sommer Marsden
5:         Virtual Insanity                              Cara Thereon
6:         Hollywood                                     Jones
7:         Mourning Doves in Limbo            Gregory L. Norris
8:         Better than Therapy                      Nicole Wolf
9:         The Basque of the Red Death      Janine Ashbless
10:       Checkout Girl                                Quiet Ranger

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Release Day! Woo and Also Hoo!

Super thrilled and giddy dance going on over here because my long lost novel has been given now life by Wild Hearts Romance and went live on iTunes today.

Originally published as Poster Boy for Average, it was part of the EC debacle. It's latest incarnation is called Beyond Handsome. I'm so thrilled it's gotten a reboot because for many of my readers, it's a brand new novel. It's one of my favorite novels I've ever written. And that's saying something.

Not sure? You can plug in Beyond Handsome in the iTunes and get the first third of the novel for free. Ya know, for a little test drive. Or grab the complete series HERE.

And while I'm here, I'll admit to loving the lovely cover. She looks pretty happy to me...