Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hot Little Excerpt of Ring of Fire...

 I fell into a burning ring of...

Well, you get it!

Good news. The amazing Janine Ashbless posted an excerpt of my story Ring of Fire from her anthology Lust in the Dust.

You can head over to her blog and get your read on.

While I'm here, I'll mention that I have added to my weekly schedule. What did I add? A part-time job! Partly from necessity, this business isn't what it once was, sadly. Partly from love, I'm working with vintage and antiques and I love that. Whatever the reason, it's an adjustment. I haven't worked for anyone who wasn't me for almost two decades. I'm like...whaaaaat? :) Why am I so tired and why can't I feel my feet anymore? :)

So wish me luck, and remember, my body, brain, and spirit are adjusting to working for 'the man' again (heh). So if you email me, give ma wee bit of extra time because of all the exhaustion and crying.